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Creating Change Management Capability

This week we hosted a free webinar, Creating Change Management Capability, with Mark Hordes.  Mark is Vice President, OD & Change Management for the Americas with Molten-Group. Close to 200 people listened to the webinar live.

You may view the archived webinar here.

Did you know that only 30% of change efforts actually achieve their business goals and targets? If your organization is like most, the challenge begins when employees are asked to do something different. When change processes and tools aren’t integrated into the overall project management framework, it’s a recipe for failure. That is why it’s critical for organizations to take necessary steps to help employees take to change as a duck takes to water. Here is what some of our participants had to say about the webinar: Overall very good overview of change management.” “This is the best webinar yet! Mark got straight to the points and the points were succinct, practical, and illustrated with examples. Thank you very much!” “This was a GREAT session. Knowledge level of change management was greatly appreciated.”

The webinar’s main focus was on the 4 Building Blocks of Change Management:

  1. How to Prepare, Manage and Organize Change
  2. How to Measure Change
  3. How to Think about Change Resistance
  4. How to Sustain Change

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at…change.
-Wayne Dyer

Mark Hordes said, “So if you look at the little cartoon, the guy on the island sees an image out there and he yells boat. The person in the boat sees it and he says land. So each one has a different filter. So the intent here is that whichever image that you chose, if you only have a fixed point of view about that particular image, it may not be the best approach to the circumstance that you’re having to deal with and the impact it will have on the people who are in the journey with you. There are many, many definitions of change management. You go on Google, the internet, you probably find hundreds. But I think they’re all pretty much all bound to the same thing. It’s really the process of aligning the organizations people and culture with changes in the business strategy, organization and process assistance.” Hordes went on to say, “Making sure that over 90% of the people affected by the change have strong awareness of it.  Awareness is so important to making sure the change is accepted. Some people will flat out reject change. There are some people that we need to manage quite closely. I would say they are your wildcards in the bunch. These are people that often come with hidden agendas to disrupt, dismantle, blow up your change process and say see I told you so. And we better learn quickly who those people are we have to manage quite closely.”

One of the final topics was, “What Will It Take to Gain Support?” Some of the topics covered:

  • Sense of personal gain and benefit
  • Right thing to do NOW!
  • Involvement with the change
  • Respect for the person leading change
  • Believe it’s the right time for the change
  • Understand what will NOT change…

How can you manage change in the best way?  Tune in to the webinar and find out.   To fully understand all of the concepts and more, you must watch the webinar yourself. It is just under an hour and will change the way you view change.  Sign up to make sure you don’t miss the next free webinar!

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