Chaos, Emotions and Accountability

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Written by: Lou Russell

As we continue to adapt reluctantly to the changing virus, work, school, weather and whatever else is coming next (Brood X giant cicadas?), we keep ensuring ourselves that it is almost over.  I have also said that for over 14 months. The chaos is beyond our control, but we are responsible for our emotions and accountability.

Your emotions are watching you closely in our current times.   Emotions trigger your brain’s first alarm, whether negative or positive.  All of us have had the feeling that something is wrong, but you don’t yet know how to define it.  You can learn to notice that your body is changing and then make choices about what is happening and how you will react before it’s too late.  Unfortunately, people who have not grown their emotional muscles often react quickly and defensively, losing control of their energy.


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This reaction is where the trouble begins.  As soon as you start to get upset, your brain quickly tries to protect you.   All the other parts of your brain go to the back burner and you are left with FIGHT, FLIGHT and FREEZE.  These are the only emotions that you can use once you are riled up.   It is important to practice and grow your ability to NOTICE and CHOOSE.  Learning this gives you a strong tool to make the choice of how to proceed. For an example of a story that emotions got completely out of control, check this out.    Here is a wonderful story (and there is a movie) that illustrates positive emotions.

Positive emotions can be a launching pad for driving growth through individual accountability.  With people working in many different places, leaders may find it confusing to keep track of what work is being done including the priority of the work.  This issue is not just about watching out for people avoiding work, but there are also issues for people working too much and burning out.  Leaders and individuals must encourage accountability and continue to create ongoing discussions that repair the many ways that have pivoted because of the shutdown.

In closing, one of my favorite quotes by Marshall McLuhan:

The future masters of technology will have to be light-hearted and intelligent.  The machine easily masters the grim and the dumb.”

As you continue moving through chaos, emotions and accountability, you can be the Master of Technology.  Remember and reuse the techniques that you have in your virtual pocket already, and keep your eyes open for new variations and ideas that can grow your EQ and behave with accountability.

I’d love to hear from you about your favorite crazy pivots.  I’ll share all of these with anyone who wants to laugh or cry and keep right on going forward.  Enjoy!

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