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What’s Your Selling Style?


What makes one salesperson so successful and another unsuccessful? This longstanding question has been tackled by numerous authors as can be seen by the surplus of available books, articles, and journals on sales and selling. Each one tries to put his or her spin on the answer. Business experts have written about ambition, initiative, friendliness, loyalty, self-confidence, tact, adaptability, and the list goes on. We believe that all these areas focus on a similar theme. What is the biggest difference between success and failure in sales? Personality! It is the determining factor in what makes a salesperson great or just mediocre.

Our personalities shine through in everything we do, including the way we typically approach selling. Because sales provides an opportunity to work closely with customers, either face-to- face or by phone, one’s selling style is highly visible. Can people change their selling style and therefore improve their sales? Our answer is, “Yes!” By adapting one’s style to that of the customer there is a greater chance for a positive response and therefore a sale.

How to get people to utilize their selling style

Watch the free webinar Building Enriched Customer Relationships: What’s My Selling Style? In this webinar, you’ll learn about the sales training tool What’s My Selling Style, which helps salespeople learn how to make the most of their selling style. The 20-item assessment identifies personal selling then shows participants how to flex their styles. The participants are also provided with an opportunity to learn about ways that they can identify the style of their customers. With this increased awareness, salespeople will be able to use their selling style to maximize sales and rise ahead of the competition.


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