How to Become a Remarkable Leader: Q&A with a Leadership Expert

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The distinction between merely bearing the title of leader and truly embodying remarkable leadership qualities is substantial. The qualities that set apart remarkable leaders are fundamental virtues such as honesty, integrity, courage, and dedication. These leaders serve as beacons for their teams, inspiring growth, fostering satisfaction, and evoking the desire to follow them willingly. However, the journey to becoming a remarkable leader is not defined by a solitary trait. Rather, it’s a compilation of several crucial characteristics. In this exploration, we will delve into these leadership traits. Illuminating how they shape leaders who not only inspire but also drive their teams toward the realization of organizational objectives. The path to remarkable leadership is a multifaceted one. Along the way, we will also discover how certain tools and products can aid in this transformative journey.

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Don’t miss this intriguing webinar from HRDQ-U

Leadership Development: 12 Ways to Develop Remarkable Leader

Q&A with a Leadership Expert

In this insightful Q&A session with leadership expert Kevin Eikenberry, we gain valuable perspectives on the essence of remarkable leadership and the methods for attaining it, and he answers questions regarding his course, Remarkable Leadership.

Q: How do you describe remarkable leadership, and how does one become a remarkable leader?

Eikenberry: “When you think about the word ‘remarkable,’ it means that something is worth talking about. Remarkable leadership is a choice that leaders make to become the best, most effective leaders they can be. The goal isn’t to be talked about or to become the center of attention but rather to be noticed for their skills and effectiveness so that they can make a positive difference for others and the organization. You become a ‘Remarkable Leader’ by making a choice to learn, by making a choice to improve, and by making a choice to make a difference every day.”

Q: How did you realize the need for a different type of leadership training solution?

Eikenberry: “By talking to clients, observing the challenges that organizations have in helping leaders grow. The challenge that organizations face is that training becomes an event. They build a workshop (or identify one to send people to) and then measure performance based on people’s attendance there. This is a fine thing to measure, but it doesn’t measure leadership development! We try to develop tools and solutions that match the way learning really happens. Training is an event, but learning is a process – so our goal is to provide solutions that become an ongoing learning process rather than a training event.”

Q: What is the advantage of the modular approach to training?

Eikenberry: “Application! When people leave a general leadership workshop, regardless of how well-designed it is or how skilled the facilitator is, they are in ‘overwhelmed mode.’ They have a ton of new ideas and a ton of work to do when they return. We like to say that when they get back to work, real life happens. By modularizing the material, people leave a short session with some specific and actionable ideas. While we, as designers and trainers, can’t guarantee they will go back to work and apply it, we have, through our design and the module approach. This approach improved the likelihood that they could find one or more things to try right away. And success, of course, builds on success, so once people have successes, they will be open to more learning and be more excited about the next module.”

Q: Who should participate in Remarkable Leadership?

Eikenberry: “While leaders at all levels, from new, first-line managers to C-level participants, have had great success, the examples and situations are probably best matched to the first-line and mid-manager levels. Having said that, we believe the best success comes when organizations include a vertical slice of leaders in these sessions. While some of the more experienced or senior leaders may know some of the ideas, a refresher is always valuable, and the interaction and relationships that can be built with a cross-section of leaders involved can be a powerful part of the process.”

Q: What results can trainers expect to see after facilitating Remarkable Leadership?

Eikenberry: “They can expect leaders to be better equipped to do the challenging and complex work of leadership. This program will not guarantee that people will try the skills and ideas they learn (nor will any other program). Remarkable Leadership will provide a platform for growth, extended materials to support it, and ideas for the trainers to help them support people outside of the classroom – where the application happens.”

Q: Are there any specific Remarkable Leadership stories you can share?

Eikenberry: “We’ve delivered these materials in various forms and formats over the past four years. Because of that, we have heard lots of feedback. The most powerful stories are of people who were encouraged and inspired by the ideas in Remarkable Leadership to go back and make a difference in their organizations and for their teams. We’ve heard lots of stories of promotions, improved working relationships, successful change and coaching efforts, and much more. More important than my stories are the stories you will create as you use Remarkable Leadership with your leaders.”

Roadmap of development

In conclusion, leadership and being a remarkable leader isn’t just about titles; it’s about embodying qualities that inspire and guide others toward excellence. As we’ve explored the essential traits of remarkable leaders and gained insights from leadership expert Kevin Eikenberry, we’ve uncovered a roadmap for those on the journey of leadership development. Remarkable leadership is not a destination but a continuous commitment to learning, improving, and making a positive impact every day. By embracing these leadership traits and utilizing tools, leaders can chart a course toward becoming the kind of leader others genuinely want to follow. It’s a journey worth embarking on, where success isn’t just measured in personal achievements but in the growth and success of the entire team and organization.

Headshot of Kevin Eikenberry
Kevin Eikenberry

Kevin Eikenberry is a recognized world expert on leadership development and learning and is the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group. He has spent over 30 years helping organizations across North America and leaders from over 40 countries on leadership, learning, teams and teamwork, communication, and more.  Twice, he has been named by as one of the top 100 Leadership and Management Experts in the World and has been included in many other similar lists. He is the author, co-author, or contributing author to nearly 20 books, including Remarkable Leadership and bestseller From Bud to Boss: Secrets of the Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership (with Guy Harris), The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership and The Long-Distance Teammate (both with Wayne Turmel).

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