How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

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Effective leadership is a skill that every manager needs to master. Effective leadership means more success – for the individual, team and organization as a whole. With strong leadership a business can thrive.

There are four types of leadership. One type is direct leaders who take charge and are forward and honest. Spirited leaders are energetic and assertive, and they lead by inspiring. Considerate leaders lead by being empathetic and building group harmony. Finally, systematic leaders are logical and they tend to plan carefully. Managers can encompass some or all of these leadership styles. Knowing your style is important, but also knowing ways to improve is crucial.

There is always room to improve one’s leadership skills. A few of them are listed below:

Create Your Vision

Vision is the ability to imagine the organization’s future and inspire others to work toward achieving goals. Leaders should continually look for new ideas and opportunities and ways to achieve them. Staying focused on the goal and assessing tasks and responsibilities as they unfold is essential.

Pursue Excellence

Leaders should set high expectations for themselves and identify ways to go the extra mile for employees and customers. They should strive for the best results from their staff and take risks when necessary. They should also seek new ways of doing things and be open to other suggestions.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is one of the most important ingredients for effective leadership. Managers should show their passion for the organization, voice ideas in a clear manner, listen to others, and share personal anecdotes to increase understanding. They should end with a call to action.

Build Trust

Managers should remain trustworthy in order to keep their team’s faith in them as a leader. They need to keep their promises, communicate directly and openly, be honest about problems, and take responsibility. If a leader is trustworthy their followers are likely to be trustworthy as well.

Inspire Others

Inspirational leaders are easier to follow. Managers who demonstrate their vision and communicate their ideas are inspirational. They can use a variety of approaches to inspire others around them.

Be Enthusiastic

If a leader is enthusiastic and appreciates their job, the positive environment will affect the entire team. When a leader shows enthusiasm they show others that work matters.

Develop your leadership by viewing HRDQ’s webinar Leading is a State of Being: Effective Leadership Skills . You will learn the key characteristics of effective leadership, how leaders can build trust and confidence with their employees, the behaviors that undermine leadership performance, and how to act decisively and demonstrate leadership during crises.

Further your leadership knowledge with the Leadership 101 customizable course. This is an effective training program that gives both newly emerging and experienced leaders and managers the tools and techniques for developing and refining their skills. This learning resource helps organizations retain employees and clients, make better decisions, and improve performance.


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