The Biggest Trainer Mistakes

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Everyone makes mistakes – including trainers. Training is a process, not an event, and its purpose is to produce results. People in the workplace can be trained on everything from communications to leadership to problem solving. So how do you prevent trainer mistakes?

One of the biggest trainer mistakes is they have no “transfer strategy.” A transfer strategy is where training begins long before it’s actually delivered and continues until results are seen. There are nine “moments of truth” that have an effect on the transfer strategy. They include: manager before, participant before, trainer before, manager during, participant during, trainer during, manager after, participant after, and trainer after. The behavior everyone has during the training can make all the difference. What you do before, during, and after training is very important.

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Don’t miss this intriguing webinar from HRDQ-U

The 7 Greatest Mistakes Trainers Make

The solution for a poor transfer strategy is focus and clarity. The trainer needs to have clarity on the materials in order to provide the best training possible. According to training expert Bob Pike, managers, participants, and trainers all have a great deal of impact on whether any kind of training is implemented. If managers see that what is being offered to their employees equips them to perform faster, better, and easier they’ll support training and other solutions recommended. He advises to make sure to involve managers in both the needs assessment and evaluation processes and consider creating an advisory board of managers that can lend expertise and credibility to training efforts.

The Seven Largest Mistakes

There are actually seven big mistakes trainers often make. It’s important to know what they are so you can avoid them. To learn about all of these, you can watch the HRDQ webinar “The 7 Greatest Mistakes Trainers Make and How to Avoid Them Here!  Training expert Bob Pike will explore the WORST mistakes trainers make when designing and delivering training and show you how to avoid them. He will cover mistakes in:

  • Learning transfer strategies
  • Chunking content
  • Being attentive to the amount of content presented
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Going off schedule
  • Training measurement and evaluation
  • Keeping participants energized
  • Opening and closing the training program
  • Handout development
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The 7 Greatest Mistakes Trainers Make

Join training expert Bob Pike as he explores WORST mistakes trainers make when designing and delivering training and shows you how to avoid them. We’ll cover mistakes in the following:  learning transfer strategies, chunking content, being attentive to the amount of content presented, asking and answering questions, going off schedule, training measurement & evaluation, keeping participants energized, opening and closing the training program, and handout development. And we’ll cover fixes for these mistakes.

The 7 Greatest Mistakes Trainers Make | HRDQ-U Webinar
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