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How to Make Better Business and Personal Decisions

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Dr. Robert Vaughn and HRDQ-U recently hosted a free webinar entitled, How to Make Better Business and Personal Decisions. Vaughn has over 30 years of experience as a college professor, teaching all types of supervisory subjects, business & technical writing, decision making, and training skills. He has worked with divisions of many large companies such as General Electric, TRW, Eaton, Allen-Bradley, Babcock & Wilcox, and dozens of smaller companies as well.

Over 575 people registered to listen to the webinar live. Missed it? Click here now!

“Loved today’s presentation! Thank you. Very useful.”

“Valuable information and examples.  The instructor did a great job.”

The agenda for the session was as follows:

The Process of Making a Decision

  • The Seven Steps
  • Developing Options
  • Narrowing Down the Choices
  • Human & Technology Factors
  • Presenting the Decision

So why is a process important? First, it can give us confidence that we can handle the situation. Second, it can provide a discipline to follow as we work through the process. Finally, it can allow us to concurrently develop the information and support necessary to get others to buy into the idea.

When it comes to decision making, a helpful quote is, “Start with the end in mind.”  – Steven Covey

Below are the Seven Steps in Decision Making:

  1. Determine that a decision is needed.
  2. Determine that decision’s importance.
  3. Assess what limits apply to the decision.
  4. Determine possible choices.
  5. Gather information about the possible choices.
  6. Evaluate or test the possible choices.
  7. Decide & Implement the Decision (or recycle).

It is important to remember that decision making is not all logic. There is often much to analyze and simple problems require reason, but complicated problems also requite emotions. Also, you need a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.

Creativity plays an important role in decision making as well. Being creative does not demand great skill or require being artistic. It is also not a function of intelligence.

Do you want to learn more about how to make better business and personal decisions?  Do you want to learn about finding or creating useful options? If so, then click here to watch the recorded session.

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