Top 7 Traits of a True Leader

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In the realm of leadership, certain traits consistently emerge among those who wield profound influence. While you may already possess some of these innate characteristics inherent to true leaders, rest assured that others can be cultivated and nurtured over time. Whether your aspirations align with commanding an army or guiding a team toward success in various spheres of life, the acquisition of leadership skills yields invaluable benefits. Remember, the journey towards becoming a true leader and developing the traits of a true leader transcends conventional boundaries, offering enrichment and empowerment in diverse personal and professional endeavors alike.

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The Top Seven Traits of a True Leader

  1. Knowing when to delegate tasks. Delegating is an important strait for a true leader to learn. Delegating to others means that you must identify the strengths and weaknesses of those on your team and capitalize on the strengths by passing out tasks accordingly.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude. Keeping your team upbeat and optimistic means that you must maintain a positive attitude and present an energetic front. There must be productivity to meet goals, but you should be able to balance the working hours with some fun times. When those around you see your positive attitude, it will rub off.
  3. Be ethical and honest. Hold yourself and those who work with you to a high level of honesty and ethical conduct. Your family and followers are reflections of you, so if you practice honest and ethical behavior, they will follow your pattern.
  4. Ability to communicate. Ronald Reagan was known as “The Great Communicator,” and looking back at his lifestyle, it’s easy to understand why. He was able to clearly explain and focus on what needed to be done and express it in a way that was understood. If you have trouble communicating, read books or take a course to achieve better communication skills.
  5. Ability to commit. George Patton, commanding general in World War II, was a soldier who got up close and personal with those under his command. He fought in the trenches and made it a point to be wherever his men were experiencing difficulty. As a leader, you must make a commitment to lead by example.
  6. Maintain a sense of humor. The day-to-day business of being a true leader can wear you down, but if you maintain a sense of humor through the discouraging times, your followers will maintain higher morale.
  7. Creativity. A leader should have the ability to change from a path they’re on to another path by taking a creative stance. Sometimes, the decision involves how you’re guiding others, but whatever the reason, creativity helps everyone work toward the goal you’re seeking.


The traits of a true leader make up what we call a legacy leader. A legacy leader is someone who is making a legacy for themselves now by being a confident leader who others trust and turn to. To help you develop the skills you need to become a legacy leader, check out the course, Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory.

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Brenda Chaddock

Brenda Chaddock works globally as a facilitator, mentor, teacher, and speaker, bringing to her work years and layers of education and experience in people development and living with vision. With a background in health care, adult education, leadership, and family business transition, Brenda has worked privately, publicly, and with government and corporate clients both nationally and internationally for the past 40 years. Currently, through Limitless Leadership International, Brenda mentors and facilitates leadership development and practice. From a mindset that we have the opportunity to consciously be lifelong students of leadership, the journey is a pathway from study to success to significance. With a profound belief that “together we are stronger,” her focus with her clients is for them to “be all they aspire to be as leaders” so that they can, collaboratively, do all they aspire to do.

Connect with Brenda on LinkedIn.

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