Level 3 Evaluations Made Simple

Level 3 Evaluations Made Simple
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Knowing whether or not participants apply what they’ve learned back on the job is a crucial concern for Learning and Development (L&D) professionals. Demonstrating this application of learning impacts how L&D professionals are perceived as credible partners by senior executives. In fact, according to a comprehensive ROI Institute research study, applying training on the job ranks among the top three metrics senior executives are keenly interested in.

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webinar from HRDQ-U

Don’t miss this intriguing webinar from HRDQ-U

Level 3 Evaluations Made Simple, Credible, and Actionable

The Struggle with Level 3 Evaluation

Regrettably, measuring on-the-job behavior change is not an area where many L&D professionals excel. A notable example is a 2019 ATD research study that reveals only 54% of organizations evaluate some learning programs at Level 3 behavior. Even more concerning, these organizations assess only 34% of all their programs at Level 3. Curiously, when questioned about the value of Level 3 evaluation data for their organization, a striking 79% indicated it had a high or very high value. Intriguingly, these percentages have remained largely unchanged over the past decade despite numerous resources advocating for increased Level 3 evaluation.

Understanding the disconnect

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Three Key reasons for the discrepancy

So, why does this significant discrepancy persist?

Three primary reasons emerge:

1. Perceived Difficulty: Conducting Level 3 evaluations is widely considered too complex.

2. Lack of Knowledge and Skills: Many L&D professionals need more expertise to effectively collect and analyze Level 3 data.

3. Leadership Priorities: Few L&D leaders mandate their staff to provide Level 3 evaluation data.

A new approach to level 3 evaluations

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Innovation and simplicity

To bridge this gap and effect change, we propose an innovative approach to conducting Level 3 evaluations.

This approach is designed to be:

1. Easy to Implement: It requires data collection from 25 to 30 participants, involving just three questions. If more than 30 participants attend the training program, it’s unnecessary to include more as long as the initial 25-30 participants are randomly selected.

2. Credible: It leverages a tried-and-tested formula dating back to the early 1970s. Moreover, it calculates a training transfer range rather than providing a specific number, enhancing its credibility.

3. Actionable: It identifies and prioritizes specific obstacles that hinder participants from applying their learning on the job. This information facilitates the targeted identification of corrective actions to eliminate or mitigate these obstacles, ultimately increasing training transfer.

More about Level 3 Evaluations

Interested in learning more about this revolutionary approach to Level 3 evaluations? Join us for an informative and engaging webinar hosted in collaboration with HRDQ. The link below is under the recommended webinar. We’ll delve into the intricacies of this new method, highlighting its simplicity, credibility, and actionable insights. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your understanding of Level 3 evaluations and drive meaningful organizational change.

Bridging the gap in Level 3 evaluations requires innovation, simplicity, and actionable insights. By adopting this novel approach, L&D professionals can navigate the complexities of behavior change measurement and provide credible, high-value data that empowers organizations to thrive.

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Ken Phillips

Ken Phillips is the founder and CEO of Phillips Associates  and the creator of the Predictive Learning Analytics™️ evaluation methodology. He is also a measurement and evaluation master, having spoken and gotten rave reviews—at the ATD International Conference on measuring and evaluating learning issues every year since 2008. He also has presented at the Annual Training Conference and Expo every year since 2013 on similar topics.

Ken has pooled his measurement and evaluation knowledge and experience into a series of presentations explicitly designed for L&D professionals. The presentations are highly engaging, practical, and filled with relevant content most L&D professionals haven’t previously heard. In short, they are not a rehash of traditional measurement and evaluation theory—but fresh ideas and solutions.

Email Ken with any questions at ken@phillipsassociates.com  ⇗

Follow Ken on LinkedIn ⇗

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Level 3 Evaluations Made Simple, Credible, and Actionable

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