DARE to be a Successful Project Manager

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On Wednesday of this week, we hosted a free webinar entitled, “DARE to be a Successful Project Manager” with Lou Russell. Russell is an executive consultant, popular speaker, and respected author whose passion is to create growth in companies by guiding the growth of their people. In her speaking, training, and writing, she draws on 30 years of experience helping organizations to achieve their full potential. She is also the author of Rocket which is an effective learning experience that combines an actual hands-on team challenge and Russell’s four-step Dare to Properly Manage Resources model.

Over 230 people listened to the webinar live. You may view the archived webinar here.

Here is what some of the participants had to say about the webinar:

“This has been the best webinar I’ve attended. I’m a college senior working as an intern at a T&D company and these ideas are definitely applicable to both my school work and my internship work. Thank you very much for this experience!”


“Thank you for a very engaging and informative webinar, Lou!  One of the best I’ve attended.”

There was a lot to cover in the webinar so we began immediately. To begin, in order to properly manage resources, there must be a beginning and an end.  There must also be four phases.

  1. Define: Develop the Project Charter
  2. Plan: The Project Plan/Schedule
  3. Manage: Adapt and Influence
  4. Review: Grow Your Competence

Without those phases, your project will never have a fighting chance. magnifing glassRussell stated that projects are similar to flash mobs. They start with a whirl of chaos and then gradually dissipate and often not much has gotten done at all. They key here is to be “lean and mean”. It is the only way to get multiple projects done.

It is impossible to control anything. Get that word out of your head and keep it out. “You can manage a project, but you cannot control a project”.

Next, Russell explained three terms that often need defining.

  • Task – A unit of work that has a beginning and an end
  • Project – A collection of tasks that has a beginning and an end
  • Process – A collection of never-ending tasks that repeat again and again

It is imperative to decide exactly what you are working on to make sure it is successful! Russell urged the audience next to take a look at their plates. In the next 24 hours, what’s on your To-Do List? Realistically, how many hours will it take you to get done what you have checked off? How many hours in an average work day can you focus on “thinking work”? The answers to these questions will help you become a successful project manager.

Also, it is important to come up with an elevator speech or tag line for your project. A one to two sentence statement that can influence others. For example: My project (either) avoids costs or increases revenue by…

The webinar contained some activities and exercises that you can do as well. Russell also shared her personal e-mail address for anyone to use if they had questions that were not covered in the learning session.

There are “deadly sins” and “heavenly truths” to all project management.

Listen and watch here to find out how where you and your behaviors fall. You will also learn how to stay focused in the middle of it all!

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