Creating Moments that Matter

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This past Wednesday, Mark Hordes and HRDQ-U hosted a webinar called, “How to Create Star Performers in Your Company“. Hordes brings over 25 years of experience in consulting with organizations in Human Capital Performance Improvement, Leadership Development, Creating High Performance Organizations and Teams, as well as Culture and Change Management.

Hordes is the co-author of the best-selling business book, “S-Business: Reinventing the Services Organization” and is a keynote speaker at various industry conferences.

You may view the archived webinar here, as well as print the handouts.

This webinar resonated with many who participated in it. Here is some of the feedback HRDQ-U received:

“I appreciate your efforts and the resources you are providing to the “world in need.” Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!!”

“Today’s webinar was very informative and I plan to use some of Mark’s ideas/data in my role as Manager of Training and Development.”

“Love HRDQ’s efforts to provide free, diverse seminars.”

“Mark is a very good speaker and I really enjoyed the hour.”

“Fantastic Topic, much needed in our organization.”

 “Presented some very good thoughts and ideas.  Thank you!”

The goal of the webinar was to share ideas and approaches that you can use to create more Star Performers in your company.

Star Performers are individuals or teams that are capable of delivering outstanding business results and who take responsibility for achieving positive outcomes. They do this in spite of customer challenges, cultural issues and organizational dynamics.

There are 4 core behaviors of a Star Performer.  They are an Athlete, Coach/Mentor, Visionary and Technical/Data. It is possible and even likely that people cal fall into more than one category, but for the most part, Star Performers are either Athletes or Coaches/Mentors.

An Athlete has these traits:

  • Competition/self/others
  • Sense of personal power
  • High levels of endurance
  • Pace themselves
  • Plays fair
  • Encourages others
  • Likes to “Win “and not give up

A Coach/Mentor has these traits:

  • Compassion for others
  • Develops strong team
  • Not selfish
  • Willing to not know something
  • Can put themselves in other shoes
  • Empathetic
  • Sense of what others need

Do you fall into either archetype?

Next, the question was asked, “How would your company benefit if you had 10 times more Star Performers?”

There would be many benefits, for sure. Better recruiting, interviewing and hiring, for one. There would be a positive shift in culture and sharing of best practices. Revenue generation would increase and there would be more targeted and effective training. And that is not the whole list!

How do you determine who are your Star Performers? The most basic answer? Ask the employees! They are likely to know. It may not be very scientific, but it is amazing how often they know. You can also spend time talking to and observing performers on the job, in teams, with customers and in the field. You could conduct a “Star Performer Analysis” and utilize the findings.

So how can you retain your Stars, once you have identified the individual or team?

  • Let them make a contribution
  • Don’t take them for granted
  • Constantly challenge them
  • Communicate the company accomplishments
  • Respect them for their expertise
  • Pay well for performance
  • Give frequent and accurate feedback on performance
  • Involve your stars in decisions that impact them directly
  • Treat them fairly
  • Ensure they have clear objectives
  • Present opportunities to network cross-functionally

Last but not least on the list above is to “create moments that matter”.

For more information on what those moments are and how to make your Stars shine, watch the recorded webinar here.

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