How to Make Your Team Successful

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By Kelly Roach

You’ve heard it so many times before, that “teamwork makes the dream work.” Now, you have your team place, but you are still not seeing the results you want. You know you need to learn how to make your team successful.

Sound familiar? In my recent video, you will learn some quick tips on how to make your team successful, build a winning team, retain that team, and make them world class in everything they do.

How to make your team successful:

Tip #1: Invest in your team’s success

What your team truly wants is to feel like you have as much commitment and drive in helping them to succeed as you have for them in the goals you’ve laid out for them.

Your team wants to see that you have faith in them and that you are willing to go the extra mile to help them succeed.

Tip #2: Have a roadmap for success

You need to provide your team with clear directions, specific strategies, and a play-by-play game plan that can realistically help them to achieve the goals you set out for them.

Show your team that it is possible to achieve these goals and provide them guidance to reach them.

Let them know that you are there to help them grow and develop. Tell them you are invested in their success just as much as you are invested in your own success.

Tip #3: Have checks and balances

Make sure that you have checks and balances and that you are inspecting what you expect in real time. Give your team a set of accountabilities that they are measured to frequently.

This will help to show your team whether they are on track with their goals.

Tip #4: Give feedback

Provide your team with both constructive and positive feedback based on their performance and do it regularly.

This will help you to grow your team, make them better, and give them a better affinity towards you.


This article was reprinted with permission from the author.

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Kelly Roach is the founder of Kelly Roach Coaching, a rapid growth coaching and consulting company for business owners, entrepreneurs, and executive leaders.

A few years ago Kelly was successful, but was yearning for more. She knew she was meant for something bigger, and wanted to create a business that allowed her to serve others, make a difference, and create unlimited income while doing it. After personally producing more than $30 million in sales in record time, Kelly charged to the top of a global Fortune 500 firm, netting 7 promotions in 8 years. That’s when she launched Kelly Roach International, to help businesses do the extraordinary by using innovative strategies to rapidly increase productivity and profits.

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