Disney Inspired Training Design Methods for MAGICAL Results

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Disney Inspired Training Design Methods for MAGICAL Results

Disney Inspired Training Design Methods for MAGICAL Results


Live Streaming Event on August 14, 2024
1:00 pm - 4:00p (ET) - $199 / participant

Top 3 reasons to attend

  • Gain strategic insights from an industry expert in a small group setting
  • Learn how to design training programs that engage
  • Move beyond the ADDIE model to create instructional MAGIC


About this workshop

With multiple generations in the training room, attention spans at all-time lows, and multi-tasked populations unable to focus for extended periods of time, it’s critical to design training programs that move with lightning-fast pacing, that alternate learning modalities constantly, that appeal to learners of all ages, and that deliver relevant, emotional, engaging, and entertaining learning. And yet, most training design methods are created following the cumbersome, sequential, old-style, paint-by-numbers ADDIE model. The common result is boring, sterile, bullet-point tedium that misses the mark with learners. In this session, discover how you can remain true to the intent of ADDIE while reinventing instructional design so your programs speak to today’s learners. Attend this workshop and learn how to design programs that deliver the learning they want and the results you need. 

The facilitator knows something about designing training for personnel who would rather be doing anything instead of learning. In Lenn’s experience, writing training for Walt Disney Entertainment was fascinating with the characters, parades, fireworks, leadership, finance, orientation, and more. It also required a more engaging approach than the normal training audience. Entertainers are not known for their ability to sit through lectures. The training programs Lenn designed had to be inspirational, memorable, and motivating. Applying his entertainment background, his Learnertainment™ methodology, and brain learning theory, Lenn developed his own methodology, Using that methodology, he created programs that participants actually asked to repeat again.  

After leaving Disney, Lenn applied his methodology to healthcare, grocery, government, the National Guard, insurance, utilities, and other businesses. This methodology, unlike ADDIE, is simple, emotion-based, and succeeds. It’s built on an acronym called MAGIC. 

Message – Identifying the emotional core of the subject to be taught. In this segment, we will examine the need to connect with the real wants and desires of our participants. Although the course objectives are still necessary and relevant, they are usually not participant motivators. An effective design finds and connects with the true motivators so that the participants will pay attention and actually learn something. 

Anticipation – Thrusting the participants into the experience. Many programs squander the beginning of a training program by wasting time on mind-numbing introductions. There is a better way. By thrusting the participants into the content to be presented without revealing much about the coming content, you capture attention and deliver insight BEFORE you even begin teaching.  

Guidance – Teaching the most critical must-know information. With an experience now completed, it is time to deliver the broad outlines of the content. This is where most training programs start and where, unfortunately, many end. 

Investigation – Validating and expanding on the information presented. This is the segment where participants experiment with the content. They ask and answer “what if” questions that validate the concepts, they explore different content-related scenarios, and they learn how to apply what they have already learned. 

Customization – Identifying and planning personal applications. Participants next plan where, how, and when to use what they have learned in real work situations and share both their learnings and ways they pledge to apply it.  

The MAGIC method resonates deeply with learners. It is easy to use. Classes come together quickly. They flow seamlessly and logically. Learners experience a journey, not a lecture. They leave energized to take what they learned and apply it in the real world. It really is MAGIC. 

Join us and learn how to go beyond the ADDIE model training and create your own instructional MAGIC.

Participants will learn

  • How to identify an emotional hook that will matter to your learners.
  • The proper flow sequence for any program and the four different instructor and participant roles that occur naturally during that flow  
  • How to sort potential course content into one of four relevance categories.
  • How to sequence the remaining content by placing it where it belongs in the program flow.
  • How to examine the requirements for an effective opening activity.
  • How to identify other activity placement locations and list activities that will support the content in that location.

About HRDQ-U Workshops

HRDQ-U workshops offer an interactive and in-depth look at the challenges of today’s workplace. Presented by industry experts, workshops are designed for active learning, allowing participants to practice new skills, ask questions, receive immediate feedback, and engage with the content. This interactive format ensures a more personalized learning experience and helps participants feel more confident in their skills and in the application of what they’ve learned.

All HRDQ-U workshops include:

  • Small Group Learning
    Limited seating ensures high levels of detailed learning and interaction.
  • Completion Certificate
    Each workshop participant receives a free certificate of completion as recognition of attendance.
  • One-on-One Coaching Available
    When the subject matter is so important, you can request a one-on-one coaching session after any event. 

This workshop qualifies for 3 SHRM credit hours, which is included at no additional cost when you attend.

HRDQ-U is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDC) for SHRM-CP®️ or SHRM-SCP®️ recertification activities.

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Lenn Millbower, the Mouse Man™ and author of Care Like a Mouse, teaches Walt Disney-inspired service, leadership, innovation, training, and success strategies. Everything Disney touched seems magical. It isn’t. It’s a method. Lenn saw that method up close. He spent 25 years at Walt Disney World as an Epcot Operations trainer, Disney-MGM Studios stage manager, Animal Kingdom opening crew, Disney Institute, Disney University, and Walt Disney Entertainment management. Now, he shares methodologies that will help you make your own magic.

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logo image - lenn millbower
Lenn Millbower the Mouse Man™

Lenn Millbower is the founder and president of Offbeat Training – an organization specializing in teaching Disney methodology so that business professionals can make their own magic. Lenn’s clients call him the “Mouse Man”, as he learns his clients’ pain points and shares solutions that Disney applied to similar issues. His combination of strategic insights and tactical solutions is always highly engaging and entertaining.

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Live Streaming Event on August 14, 2024
1:00 pm - 4:00p (ET) - $197 / participant
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