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Thriving Through Change: Reactivating Your Resilience | Recorded Webinar

Thriving Through Change | HRDQU

60 minutes

Reactivate your resilience.

We are all on a journey across a rugged landscape, more unpredictable and challenging than ever before. Many people are feeling threatened in ways that set off strong reactions leading to resistance and fear. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed, confused, burned out and stretched.  Everyone is looking for ways to make sense of all this change and help themselves, their teams, organizations, communities and families thrive. We need to remember that we are already resilient and can benefit from a refresher about what people who do well do, when faced with disruption and change.

This webinar will provide you with a map and compass that help you thrive as you navigate change and challenge. You’ll explore the 5-Point Resilience Compass, which shows you a path for… 

  1. Refreshing Your Purpose
  2. Building Centered Capacity
  3. Focusing Control
  4. Creating Momentum for Action
  5. Deepening Connection

… in your life and your work. You’ll apply these mindsets and behaviors to your current challenges and regain momentum for living and working more skillfully.

Attendees will learn

  • To understand complexity and unpredictability of current changes
  • To anchor your experience with already being resilient
  • To explore the 5 areas of the Resilience Compass
  • To identify one area that will enhance your thriving

Who should attend

  • Leaders and managers
  • HR and learning and development personnel
  • Trainers and independent consultants


Dr. Cynthia Scott is founder of ChangeworksLab, and has focused her work on supporting leaders to create the conditions where change is easier and sustainable. She is focused on how we can create resilience to move into a regenerative future.

Cynthia has been a lifelong social entrepreneur, consultant and author; applying behavioral science to help individuals and organizations thrive. Her pioneering programs, models and tools have helped to accelerate adaption to change and transform cultures to help people thrive. She has provided thought leadership in the areas of personal and organizational change, burnout prevention and personal performance improvement.

Her books include: Take This Work and Love itGetting Your Organization to ChangeEmpowerment, and Rekindling Commitment. Her work has served IDEO, Google, Walmart, AT&T, Capital One, Charles Schwab, Kaiser Permanente, Deloitte, Estee Lauder, National Semiconductor and IBM.



This webinar is sponsored by and is based upon research of our published training tools. For more than 40 years HRDQ has been a provider of research-based training resources for classroom, virtual, and online soft-skills training. We offer learning resources to help retain employees and clients, make better decisions, improve performance, and much more.

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