The Practice of Leadership Empathy within the Workplace

The Practice of Leadership Empathy within the Workplace

Live on August 2, 2023 | 2-3p ET

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We ALL long to be witnessed in our uniqueness, valued in our identity and fully heard in our stories. We want to be and feel included in meaningful experiences that acknowledge our self- definition, while being in community. Essentially, we all want and need empathy for our basic survival. We are learning, against prevailing wisdom, that human nature is not to seek mere autonomy, but to be in companionship with others. Thus, the necessary maneuver is to try to translate this human component within our work environments to ignite a spirit of creativity, innovation, and growth.

Please join Lisa Ike-Alvarez as she walks you through this this thought-stimulating session. You will learn how to leverage empathy in your work contexts to help you understand your employees well enough to work with them, communicate better, meet their needs with an improved self-awareness and connect across differences.

Attendees will learn

  • To understand their emotional range and how this un/awareness may affect their employees’ work performance.
  • To acknowledge the benefits of extending empathy to their teams in order to promote an enriching and emotionally healthy work environment.
  • How to accurately identity emotions of their employees so their response is thoughtful and emotionally sensitive.
  • Divergent ways of responding empathetically to their employees to ensure they are acting in alignment to their needs.
  • To become encouraged in building authentic and meaningful relationships with their teams.

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The Practice of Leadership Empathy within the Workplace
Lisa Ike-Alvarez

Lisa Ike-Alvarez is an educator, life coach and group facilitator with ten years of training, counseling and consulting experience. She is recognized for her unique approach in problem solving and facilitating authentic and purposeful dialogue. She is a champion of, and for, the voices of the marginalized, and possesses refined skills in helping individuals seek purpose from their daily regime.

As an intuitive leader, Lisa Is committed to helping individuals live and work with intention and challenge the self that prohibits appropriate risk taking and completion of duty. She appreciates the shared journey of learning, exploring, and transforming with her clients.

Lisa holds a BA in psychology, MA in counseling psychology, and PsyD in organizational development Her academic acquisitions and professional advancements illustrate her strive for people excellence and desire for lasting learning and change.

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The Practice of Leadership Empathy within the Workplace


Our movement at The Emotive Lab is to create a workplace that celebrates and nourishes the Full Human Experience. We believe employee actualization can be fully realized and supported by leaders who have the willingness and ability to connect across differences for the purpose of inspiring and empowering the lives of their teams. We deliver engaging experiences to solve a host of problems and improve the ways in which your teams work together.

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