Finding the Silver Lining to Poor Leadership

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Finding the Silver Lining to Poor Leadership

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Almost everyone has experienced working at a job where they did not like their boss.

Poor leadership is a toxic force within any organization or team. One bad leader or manager threatens the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization. On a larger scale, and even harder to intervene upon once it’s taken effect, poor leadership has been found to deteriorate the culture of any workplace if left unchecked.

The bigger issue here is that you ultimately want to be happy at work. You want to buy into the work you are doing in a way that brings professional meaning to your life. You want to feel that you are a part of your workplace in real, significant ways. You want to connect with the people you work with. You want to be able to connect your personal and professional values and strengths to your career choices and work in an environment that affirms these values.

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When you feel stuck at work due to having a boss who behaves poorly as a leader, it decreases your motivation to show up to work. In fact, studies find that poor leadership is linked to an increase in sick days and the dropping of responsibilities.

Many people feel stuck. You may enjoy the actual job you are doing, yet you are at complete odds with one person within the leadership. Given the power of those in leadership roles and workplace hierarchies, you may feel disempowered to give feedback to your superior.

We spend so much time at work! And yet sometimes, you find yourself in a position where you have to work with, rather than against, those individuals who challenge you.

Finding Meaning in Work

How can you continue to find purpose and meaning within your team or organization?

Bring Positive Vibes to Work

Try to see solutions rather than problems, and when you can, look through an optimistic lens while at work. Set out to become a leader that cultivates inclusivity and inspires themselves and those around them to be their best professional selves.

Continue to Perform

Be sure not to let your performance and productivity decline. Be careful not to get caught up in your ego or pride. If you need to keep your job and you’re not seeing any changes, then the best short-term action may be to focus on doing the job you were hired to do.

Connect Professional Values to Work

We’re all individuals with unique motivating factors that influence our behavior. Every time you encounter a bad boss or manager, it illuminates who you are and what you value at work and in a leader and workplace culture. Make this experience productive by clarifying what isn’t jiving with your leader’s style or approach in terms of your preferences.

Find Time to Play

When things are taxing at work, you have to give extra focus to finding balance and states of well-being. Outside of work, be sure you are meeting your personal needs by taking time to detach from work. Find time for play and self-care on the weekends and schedule a time to shut off at night so you can effectively relax and reset.

Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge
Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge

Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge, PsyD, is a highly skilled organizational psychologist and executive coach at Equilibria Leadership Consulting. Kayla received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Georgia Southern University.

Kayla believes that with awareness and willingness, we have everything we need within us to be our best professional selves; it just takes commitment and hard work. She has a strong research and assessment background and is a well-published author with publications in the fields of positive psychology, resiliency, clinical outcomes, and stress-related challenges.

Connect with Kayla on LinkedIn.

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