Leading is a State of Being: Effective Leadership Skills | Recorded Webinar

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60 minutes

Ask any leader about effective leadership they’ve witnessed, and they can probably name a favorite teacher they would choose to emulate. That’s because great leaders are born through experience and mentoring. But to become great, leaders need more than a positive role model. They need training. And with all of the complex leadership theories, models, and trends swirling around today, sometimes we forget to start at square one.

Join us for Leading is a State of Being: Effective Leadership Skills, the back-to-basics webinar that focuses on the what – and the how – of effective leadership. You’ll understand how to recognize the characteristics of effective leadership, spot behaviors that undermine performance and discover how to lead with impact. As a result, you’ll leave with a solid understanding of how to develop aspiring leaders.

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Attendees will learn

  • The key characteristics of effective leadership
  • How leaders can build trust and confidence with their employees
  • The behaviors that undermine leadership performance
  • How to act decisively and demonstrate leadership during crisis 

Who should attend

  • Training and HR professionals who deliver training
  • Independent consultants
  • Managers delivering training



Katy Tynan is a bestselling author of practical guides to career transitions, and an internationally-recognized expert leadership, organizational development and how work is evolving. Her most recent book is How Did I Not See This Coming: The New Manager’s Guide to Avoiding Total Disaster (ATD Press, November 2017). Throughout her career in IT and operations consulting, she has advised hundreds of organizations on how to find innovative solutions leveraging technology and human capital for competitive advantage. Ms. Tynan is the founder of Liteskip Consulting Group. Learn more at katytynan.com.

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