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In the Chaos, Stick with EQ and Accountability

In the Chaos, Stick with EQ and Accountability | HRDQ-U Webinar

60 minutes

As we go through the motions of a typical day, it’s clear that there’s a little devil on our shoulder. Everything has shifted, even if just slightly. The world is the same and completely different. We’re working at our office but often at home. Some are hiding alone at coffee shops with groups of people socially distanced. Our checklist to get out of the house, get groceries, get to church, or drop off kids has changed. It seems we are doing many of the things we have always done, but it still feels undone. Anxious feelings of fear and chaos are always there, even while pretending that everything is OK.

Two things can help us in these times: Emotional Intelligence (often called EQ) and Accountability. We still need to get work done, collaborate with friends at work, and take care of ourselves and families regardless of the disturbing times. In this session, you will learn how to manage the chaos by engaging your emotions and accountability.

During this interactive webinar, you will learn how to NOTICE and CHOOSE your emotions. Emotions act as a muscle in your body. You have the power to make the muscle stronger or weaker. Lou Russell will teach you about SELF AWARENESS, SELF REGULATION, MOTIVATION, SOCIAL AWARENESS, and SOCIAL REGULATION. You will receive a free EQ assessment from Lou to help you understand where your EQ is now and where it could be, which includes more than fifty little EQ projects you can use to grow your EQ.

Being accountable is difficult when you’re feeling undone. Have you noticed that at the beginning of quarantine, people were very productive, but now, they are tired and not accountable? Whether a family or a business, you must use your emotions to drive accountability at work, with teams, and with your family. Boundaries are critical in the unknown. During the webinar, you’ll see the magic of putting EQ and accountability together.

Join author, EQ and project management expert Lou Russell for an hour-long session that can help anyone in your organization to get started and stay on track. She’ll discuss how you can combine EQ and Accountability to get your life back, address common EQ stumbling blocks, and offer a practical formula for project success.

Attendees will learn

  • How EQ is a muscle you can grow.
  • The three first steps of being accountable.
  • How positive EQ + Accountability drive responsibility.
  • How to begin and end projects: define, plan, manage and review.
  • 50+ tiny EQ projects to grow positive emotions.
  • To pause, breath and intentionally communicate. 

Who should attend

  • Training and HR professionals
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Anyone interested in emotional intelligence and accountability 



Lou Russell, the CEO and Duchess of RMA, is an executive consultant, popular speaker, and respected author whose passion is to create growth in companies by guiding the growth of their people. In her speaking, training, and writing, she draws on 30 years of experience helping organizations to achieve their full potential. Lou is the author of seven popular books, such as IT Leadership Alchemy, 10 Steps to Successful Project Management, Talent GPS, Leadership Training, Training Triage, and Managing Projects. She has spoken at more than 300 conferences, including ATD International, the ELearning Guild and the Society of Information Management (SIM). Lou has an “expired” B.S. from Purdue in Computer Science and an M.S. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University.  She has been playing in the world of training for over 20 years.

Lou is the author of Rocket: The Project Management Game, found at HRDQ. Connect with Lou on LinkedIn, Twitter, and  at


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