How to Thrive Through Change | Recorded Webinar

HRDQ-U Webinar | How to Thrive Through Change

60 minutes

To thrive in an environment that’s filled with constant change, it’s important to understand how to harness people’s adaptability to move through disruption and regain resilience with change training. Learn how getting ahead of changes results in an organizational culture that can embrace change—fueled by empowered leadership and employees who feel valued and secure. Helping individuals and teams to recognize the predictable path of transitioning through change can foster innovation and improve business agility.

Join subject matter expert and author Dr. Cynthia Scott, the pioneer of the Transition Curve, for an informative webinar that will help you to understand what happens to individuals, teams, and organizations when a change occurs. You will also learn how to lead in a way that minimizes disruption and increases resilience. This webinar is based upon research from Mastering the Change Curve, an easy and effective change management assessment guide for bringing issues to the surface, providing a framework for healthy growth, and empowering individuals to shift their focus from the past to the future – without stalling or spinning their wheels.

Attendees will learn

  • How the human brain responds to change
  • Five different ways to reduce threat and increase resilience
  • How to identify a predictable path of responding to change
  • How to lead teams from resistance to performance

Who should attend

  • A training or HR professional who delivers training.
  • An independent training consultant.
  • A manager who delivers or purchases training as part of their role.


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Dr. Cynthia Scott is a founding principal of Changeworks Global. Dr. Scott is a recognized author and leader with over 20 years of experience. She is the author of numerous books, including Rekindling Commitment and Take This Work and Love It!. Dr. Scott’s clients include Blue Shield of California, Benjamin Moore, Charles Schwab, Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, the Internal Revenue Service, Deloitte & Touché, Estee Lauder, and National Semiconductor.

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