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Diversity Training: Engaging Confidently with Other Cultures | Recorded Webinar

Culture - Cultural identity

60 minutes

Awareness of our own cultural identities and experiences is the first step to becoming more effective cross-culturally. The Cross Cultural Adaptability Inventory™ workshop is a powerful experience and diversity training tool that helps participants identify their personal areas of cross-cultural competency and provides examples of ways to improve them.

Join expert and co-author Dr. Judith Meyers, as she teaches the four competencies that are critical to cross-cultural adaptability. Dr. Meyers will also examine how to use them as a springboard to self-awareness and cross-cultural success.

This webinar is based on the HRDQ product, The Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory, a best-selling diversity training tool that was developed in direct response to needs expressed by cross-cultural trainers and teachers for a well-constructed and easily obtainable self-assessment training instrument on cross-cultural adaptability.

Attendees will learn

  • How to define culture and one’s cultural identity
  • The four competencies associated with cross-cultural effectiveness
  • Methods to assess cross-cultural competence
  • A common vocabulary that allows for self-improvement, continued growth and perspective-taking in cross-cultural situations

Who should attend

  • A training or HR professional who delivers training
  • An independent training consultant
  • A manager who delivers or purchases training as part of their role


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 Dr. Judith Meyers, Psy.D., is a clinical and forensic psychologist currently in private practice in San Diego, California. Dr. Meyers is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Diego, in the Psychiatry Clinical Volunteer Faculty. She also serves the public sector as a forensic psychologist and expert witness by consulting with attorneys, the courts and the criminal justice system. She is a former Senior Clinical Psychologist with the Forensic Evaluation Unit, San Diego County Superior Court and past-president of the San Diego Psych-Law Society. She consults with major television networks regarding selection for reality show contestants. The shows often include international locations.

Dr. Meyers received her undergraduate degree in Secondary English Education and a Masters Degree in Education from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the former Hahnemann University and Medical College in Philadelphia. Dr. Meyers has taught high school English and reading, as well as undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology.

Dr. Meyers is the co-author of the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI) a widely-used self-assessment and training tool. She also uses the CCAI for the express purpose of working with consulting services to assist in the selection of expatriates for international assignments. Her collaboration in the development of the CCAI reflects her interest in other cultures, her skills in clinical assessment and her eclectic clinical pursuits.

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