Building Enriched Customer Relationships: What’s My Selling Style? | Recorded Webinar

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60 minutes

What makes one salesperson successful and another unsuccessful? Popular books target characteristics such as ambition, initiative, self-confidence, tact… and the list goes on. But what is the common thread? The answer is personality! Whether or not salespeople are aware of it, their personality shines through every interaction.

Join expert John Dieseth as he shares the powerful tool What’s My Selling Style? This instrument empowers salespeople to uncover their own and each customer’s style. It provides powerful techniques on how to alter each sales call to compliment the buyer’s style, enrich the customer relationship, and boost sales. By recording each customer’s style in their contact management system, they can prepare for each unique customer interaction. In this one-hour webinar you’ll learn how to deploy What’s My Selling Style customer success stories and experiences.

This webinar is based on the HRDQ product, What’s My Selling Style, a best-selling training tool. It will help your salespeople analyze how they behave in a sales situation, identify their customers’ styles, and learn how to flex their own style to match their customer. Most importantly, with increased awareness and flexibility, salespeople can use style to maximize sales and rise above the competition.

Attendees will learn

  • How style influences customer behavior
  • How style influences salesperson engagement
  • What your salesperson should do when their buyer’s style is different
  • Deploying style in your contact management system

Who should attend

  • Training or HR professionals who deliver training
  • Independent training consultants
  • Managers who deliver or purchase training as part of their role


John Dieseth is president and founder of Business Performance Group. This is an elite group of business consultants who assist clients with launching and maintaining a successful sales or training program. John has 20 years of experience in the sales training, learning product development, and coaching field. He consults with client organizations on inside sales, selection and hiring, sales manager, customer service, technical and salesperson training, accidental sales, leadership, coaching, mentoring, and knowledge transfer.

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