A Happier YOU: Work Habits to Enhance Performance and Well-Being | Recorded Webinar

A Happier YOU: Work Habits to Enhance Performance and Well-Being | Recorded Webinar

60 minutes

Maya Angelou once said: “One must learn to care for oneself first, so that one can then dare to care for someone else.” Being a high performer is no easy feat and we seldom discuss the importance of avoiding burnout.

The research is clear – happier people perform better. Every outcome we can measure improves when human beings are in a good place emotionally. They are characterized by higher productivity, fewer fatigue symptoms, and they are even more resilient in times of change and complexity. Happy employees have been proven to outperform the competition by as much as 202 percent.

People who know how to cultivate positive emotion tap into an endless well of psychological capital – hope, optimism, confidence, resilience, and belief – that has the power to make you more successful even in tough times. Attend and learn the real, tangible and actionable steps to building “A Happier YOU.”

Attendees will learn

  • New ideas for boosting your own attitude and ways to increase productivity at work
  • How positive psychology and social-emotional intelligence impacts your performance and health
  • To develop strategies for creating a positive culture at work
  • How to improve working relationships
  • Practical strategies for practicing happiness on a daily basis 


Who should attend

  • Managers and leaders
  • Those who currently have low job satisfaction
  • Any person who wants to learn skills to build happiness 




Bernd Schulte - University of Glasgow

Devin C. Hughes is an author, speaker, consultant, executive coach, and an internationally recognized expert in the science of happiness, organizational/culture change, and leadership development. He has lectured and worked with a variety of Fortune 100 companies, as well as the Secret Service, the IRS, and an assortment of profit and nonprofit organizations. Devin is the author of 20 books and has lectured in more than 15 countries. He lives in San Diego, California, with his wife, four daughters, and two rescue dogs.

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