Adapting Your Leadership Style | Recorded Seminar

Adapting Your Leadership Style | Recorded Seminar

Running Time | 2h 51m

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Strong leadership style is critical for successful organizations. If a company has a strong leadership team, it is more likely to meet goals, empower its employees, motivate its teams, and ensure future growth. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to develop influential leaders – and become one yourself.

According to a 2019 Gallup poll, only 22 percent of employees strongly agree their leaders have a clear direction for their organization, and only 15 percent of employees strongly agree that the leadership of their organization makes them feel enthusiastic about the future. Employees notice when leadership is lacking. Ineffective leadership is common in organizations, and it’s attributed to not having a clear leadership style.

It’s important to adopt the qualities of an effective leader and communicate more constructively with your team – and you can do this by adjusting your behavioral leadership style to meet the needs of employees.

This 3-hour instructor-led online seminar will provide you with the tools you need to be able to facilitate meetings smoothly, engage in constructive one-on-one conversations and, ultimately, build rapport among colleagues and offers workplace tips, self-assessment exercises, real-life scenarios, practice activities, and more.

Key topics

  • Understanding what behavior constitutes an effective leadership style.
  • What the four behavior styles are and uncovering why these leadership styles matter.
  • The nonverbal ways humans communicate and how leaders can become more aware of subtle messages.
  • Developing methods of becoming a more open, attentive listener.
  • Being more constructive while giving negative and positive feedback or conducting one-on-ones.

Participants will learn

  • How to identify the qualities of an effective leadership style.
  • To make the mental shift from individual productivity to influencing others.
  • To recognize style differences in others and cater to their preferences.
  • How to build rapport using verbal and nonverbal messages.
  • How to conduct constructive one-on-ones and meetings.
  • Positive and negative feedback to different leadership styles.
  • How to develop individual motivation approaches for employees.


HRDQ - Face

Noe Tabares has over 35 years of experience in leadership, operations, management, sales, marketing, presenting, training, facilitating, coaching, mentoring, motivational speaking, and delivering keynote speeches. Noe has consulted with companies throughout North America, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, The United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

HRDQ-U clients enjoy Noe for his personality and commitment to learning. He has a passion for helping people solve their problems and attain goals. Clients often remark that he teaches them how to view situations with a different perspective, allowing them to see various solutions to any problem. They learn to build and maintain relationships, have successful interactions, provide a high level of customer satisfaction, and lead associates to accomplish shared goals.

Noe is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. He has facilitated workshops, training sessions, and motivational presentations to diverse audiences around the world, both in person and virtually.

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