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Running Time | 2h 45m

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Accountability at work is critical. Picture a workplace where mistrust is the norm, employees are concerned with protecting their reputations, and teams seek to defend their “turf”, often failing to keep their promises. A Gallup poll estimates that the cost of lost productivity from unaccountable and disengaged employees is between $287 and $370 billion per year, a staggering figure.

Instead, picture yourself with more accountability at work, where trust is unquestioned, commitments are clear, personal responsibility is high, people take ownership of problems, and mistakes are treated as opportunities to improve rather than reasons to blame. These conditions are the cornerstone of a positive work environment.

A workplace with high accountability breeds increased efficiency and productivity, more participation and involvement, increased feelings of competency, increased sense of commitment, higher morale and satisfaction.

This 3-hour instructor-led online seminar will focus on how to improve accountability at work and offers workplace tips, self-assessment exercises, real-life scenarios, practice activities, and more.

Key topics

  • Where to focus more on accountability at work.
  • The four traits and behaviors that help to establish trust.
  • How to seek and act on feedback and how to learn from mistakes.
  • Overcoming attitude and organization-based obstacles.
  • The five steps to creating a culture of mutual accountability.
  • Creating, and effective implementation of, accountability agreements.
  • How to have proactive and reactive conversations that help to restore trust. 


Participants will learn

  • Identify the benefits of accountability at work and the areas in which it is most important.
  • Recognize the components for building personal accountability.
  • Recognize the components for encouraging mutual accountability.
  • Overcome obstacles to accountability.
  • Engage in conversations that resolve broken agreements and lead to a greater commitment to expectations in the future.


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David Alumbaugh has more than 20 years of sales and sales management experience and has managed institutional-level sales for domestic and international accounts. He has led sales efforts in numerous industries including education, healthcare, HR training, and consulting services.

David is an Adjunct Professor of Business at Baker University, where his expertise includes 20 years of teaching MBA courses to working professionals, including organizational and marketing management. David also serves as faculty mentor for the development of new teachers. Proficient in knowledge transfer and other workplace generational concerns, David has developed and taught college courses for Baker University on generational issues in the workplace.

David endorses a participative leadership style. He is accomplished in problem resolution, goal setting, realizing and eliciting an individual’s full potential, influencing others and achieving results through development of quality-focused business relationships. David’s experience includes managing business-critical projects and operations in educational-based and privately-held organizations as well as developing and marketing seminars in the global marketplace. His operational expertise includes profit and loss accountability, recruiting and staffing, motivational incentives, sales strategy development and team development.

His previously held positions include being the president of Seminars International, vice president and director of training & business development for Insight Information International, and operations manager for American Management Association/Padgett Thompson.

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