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The modern work world is full of distractions. E-mail, social media, the internet, and chatty co-workers cut into productivity and prompt procrastination. Yet, work left unfinished today becomes a mountain of work due tomorrow, making a lack of productivity one of the biggest causes of profit loss for organizations.

A national survey conducted by Harris Poll included a representative sample of 2,175 hiring and human resource managers across industries and company sizes. The managers said that the consequences of distraction were compromised quality of work, lower moral because of other employees having to pick up the slack, negative impact on boss/employee relationships, missed deadlines and loss in revenue.

This instructor-led course is designed to teach employees how to kick bad habits and stay more focused on work throughout the day. As a result, employees will work at a higher level, be able to more effectively prioritize tasks, improve relationships with coworkers and bosses, and create long-lasting behavioral changes.

Key topics

  • Benefits of working productively.
  • Identifying purpose and prioritizing key results.
  • Focusing on outcomes and planning their day.
  • Evidence against multi-tasking.
  • How to minimize interruptions and find immersion in activities.
  • The law of diminishing returns.
  • How to break bad habits like procrastination, negativity, and succumbing to distractions. 


Your employees will learn

  • To recognize the difference between true productivity and “fake” productivity.
  • How to prioritize their daily work based on their key results.
  • To improve their ability to focus.
  • How to eliminate habits that detract from their productivity.
  • How to work effectively with colleagues.
  • To cultivate the nine habits that will increase their productivity.


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Professional - LinkedIn

Steve Dew is an experienced, professional and engaging leadership consultant with over 25 years of real-world management and executive level experience. Having worked for both fortune 500 level companies as well as small, privately held companies, Steve has led, coached and mentored people at all levels of an organization to help improve personal, team and organizational effectiveness. He is an experienced trainer and facilitator having delivered hundreds of training programs and coaching sessions throughout the United States as well as internationally in Canada, South America and the United Kingdom. Steve has worked with individuals, teams and corporations, and has delivered live public training to as many as 200 participants.

Having led corporate human resources and training departments, Steve knows what it takes to build and maintain a team culture that values employees, drives performance, fosters accountability, and builds commitment. Steve will add life and depth to your training experience by bringing his hands-on experience with the day-to-day challenges you face.

Steve’s consulting and training experience include topics such: employee relations, performance management, interviewing, team building, building trust, conflict resolution, disciplinary action, coaching and feedback, relationship management, succession planning, rewards and recognition, delegation, communication and presentation skills, personal branding, and more.

Whether it’s building your team and creating a culture of commitment and accountability, or trying to head off a mutiny, Steve has worked with leaders and teams to achieve more than they thought possible, as well as overcome obstacles preventing success.

Steve believes that helping others to achieve their goals, at the office or in a training session, starts with engagement. His training and coaching style focuses on practical, time tested, sensible concepts that can be applied by anyone.

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