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HRDQ-U thanks its partners in supporting our events. All partnerships received through HRDQ-U directly support our goal to offer high-quality training content at a low cost that is accessible to everyone. It takes a community to do great things, and we thank our partners and members for being a part of HRDQ-U. Apply now to present your event with HRDQ-U and become a partner.

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Alexia Vernon

Ms. Vernon has been branded a “Moxie Maven” by the White House Office of Public Engagement for her unique and effective approach to empowering women’s professional success. She is a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, coach, consultant and media contributor, Alexia is the creator of multiple speaker training programs and has delivered transformational keynotes and corporate trainings for Fortune 500 companies and professional associations.

Anchored Training

Anchored Training partners with businesses to create learning solutions for your organization that utilizes our three principles: Edutain, Activate, and Collaborate. By following our proven process to create better training, you will keep your project on time and on budget.

Bob Pike Group

Creative Training Techniques helps trainers teach twice as much in half the time. Leave with a toolbox of new ideas to start achieving real change—and real results—within your organization.

Bright Carbon

We’re a presentation design agency. We design clear, compelling, and persuasive presentations. We also use our visual storytelling skills to create effective eLearning, and provide advanced PowerPoint, Google Slides, and presentation skills training. We understand how to find the right information to communicate clearly, how to use images and animation to create compelling visual stories, and how to get your points across in a memorable way.

Cindy Huggett

Cindy Huggett, CPTD is a pioneer in the field of online learning with 20 years of experience in providing virtual training solutions. She’s a recognized industry expert in teaching training professionals how to design and deliver interactive online classes. Cindy partners with her clients to help them transition from the face-to-face to the virtual classroom and works with them to design online and blended learning solutions.

Devin C. Hughes

A captivating speaker, author, and culture expert, Devin Hughes helps leaders drive growth and engagement by aligning workplace culture with success. Devin C. Hughes Inc. is a boutique training and development firm created to help established and emerging leaders grow to reach their ideal potential as well as their teams. He currently works with a number of startups and large global organizations setting up best practices for their people strategy.

Ethics Game

EthicsGame is committed to helping people be effective moral influencers in every aspect of their lives. Our web-mediated products are easy to administer and understand. And our thought-provoking but balanced approach to values and ethics helps people understand their own value priorities, appreciate and work with those who have different priorities, and become skilled at living in moral tension while seeking resolutions to ethical dilemmas and differences.

Expressing Your Authentic Self

Our mission is to help women & professionals overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, self-doubt and stress to eliminate the root cause holding them back, enabling them to live a life they love. We support this transformation by providing the tools needed to help them to work through their emotions and develop rock solid confidence in who they authentically are. We provide our transformational value by creating a tailored and practical personal development plan which is personal and right for clients to move forwards FAST. This helps them to move to a place where they can make confident decisions, take action and move forwards, achieving balance, clarity and purpose in their career, relationships and personal life.

Extraordinary Teams

The Extraordinary Teams Partnership (ETP) is a learning community committed to creating the next level of teaming where personal transformation is the rule instead of the exception. Our findings are easily understood and can be implemented by team leaders and teams. ETP collaborates with both individuals and teams as they create the work world they truly desire. In short, we help to transform teams so that they can achieve amazing results.

Giant Leap Consulting

Giant Leap Consulting, Inc., is on a mission to build workplace courage. We partner with our valued clients to set bold strategies, build strong teams, and develop courageous leaders. Our aim is to drive out fear so that everyone can work with more honesty, accountability, passion, and enjoyment. Some of Giant Leap’s repeat clients include NASA, eBay, Lenovo, Southern Company, the National Science Foundation, and the Social Security Administration.

Group Harmonics

Since 2004, Group Harmonics has provided corporations with practical and effective solutions to common workplace challenges – solutions that enable individuals to perform better even as they help the system perform better. We help executives, managers and teammates create a work environment that naturally and systematically enhances productivity. Our solutions are based on extensive research and are proven to be effective.

HRDQ Assessment Center

The HRDQ Assessment Center offers a library of 40+ online assessments that deliver soft skills training to transform your workforce. Our online assessments are informative and powerful learning tools for employees at all organizational levels. And our platform makes delivering and administering fast, efficient, and secure.

HRDQ Consulting

HRDQ Consulting offers highly experienced consultants that can pull your teams together online from remote locations. We deliver experiential, instructor-led training virtually and in the classroom using our tested curriculum of more than 80 half-day classes. We offer custom course creation and product delivery, too!

For more than 40 years HRDQ has been a provider of research-based training resources for classroom, virtual, and online soft-skills training. We offer learning resources to help retain employees and clients, make better decisions, improve performance, and much more. Visit us today at


The Institute for Health and Human Potential is a research-based learning and training solutions provider and has been a leader in Emotional Intelligence for over twenty years. IHHP built a methodology in the teaching of these skills with life-changing results to Olympic and professional athletes, hundreds of blue-chip companies, including Goldman Sachs, Intel and IBM and many government agencies, including the US Marines and NASA.

Keith Keating

EMPOWER, ENABLE & ENCOURAGE our workforce to prepare for the future Through understanding the concepts of transferrable skills, the importance of embracing a lifelong learning mindset, or strategies for second-skilling, we can take control over our future

Kevin Sheridan

Kevin Sheridan is an internationally-recognized Keynote Speaker, a New York Times Best Selling Author, and one of the most sought-after voices in the world on the topic of Employee Engagement.

Lenn Millbower/Mouse Man

Lenn Millbower is the founder and president of Offbeat Training – an organization specializing in teaching Disney methodology so that business professionals can make their own magic. Lenn’s clients call him the “Mouse Man”, as he learns his clients’ pain points and shares solutions that Disney applied to similar issues. His combination of strategic insights and tactical solutions are always highly engaging and entertaining.

Marc Ratcliffe

Marc is the founder of MRWED Training and Assessment, a private Australian registered training organization, specializing in trainer training.

MHS Beyond Assessments

We provide trusted, data-driven solutions across four core disciplines: Clinical, Education, Talent Development, and Public Safety. Science and research are the basis of MHS’s roots and future innovations. With new standards for toolsets, we help clients evaluate, track, and leverage human-centric data to help realize full potential. We strive for fairness and equity in the development and deployment of the products we make, the solutions we provide, and in the people we lead.

Moser Consulting

We remain concentrated on technology, yet focused on results. For more than 25 years, Moser Consulting has been the go-to source for exceptional IT talent with the ability to self-manage. Our consultants are not just focused on the technology – they invest themselves in the success of your business to become trusted, long-term technology partners developing cost-effective solutions to achieve your business goals.

OnPoint Advising

Based on his expertise in sports psychology and executive development, Dr. Rob Fazio teaches clients how to remove barriers to function at optimal levels. Rob is an expert on uncovering strength in people and organizations to drive toward success. He advises and speaks to Fortune 250 organizations globally; worked with executive teams throughout organizations; and has successfully coached leaders to realize the importance of collective wisdom.

Phillips Associates

Founded by Ken Phillips, creator of the Predictive Learning Analytics™ (PLA) learning evaluation methodology, Phillips Associates is a group of learning experts with over 35+ years experience helping organizations craft measurement and evaluation strategies and tactics. We’ve worked with corporate learning and development teams world-wide to help them develop valid, scientifically sound Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 evaluations.

Powerhouse Talent Inc

Powerhouse Talent was born from passion and built around the white space we saw first-hand from our time in corporate HR. The vision was simple, building community at work. We apply this mindset to employer branding, humanized communications, and employee experience strategy. We help organizations find their voice, amplify it, and create a shared mission that unites their existing team while magnetizing prospective talent to join the journey.


PrepTalk is a marketing consultancy firm that caters to business owners, CEOs, doctors, and individuals in high-level positions. Our focus lies in media training: teaching clients how to maintain media relations, prepare for media appearances, and get the right messages to their audience. Aside from our consulting services, we host lectures and tasks that will help you build your personal brand and develop your communication skills as a storyteller.

Propel Forward

Too many coaches miss the critical component of shifting beliefs, which results in temporary fixes. Propel Forward uses a combination of coaching, mentoring and consulting to ensure coaching sessions result in insights and actions that are immediately applicable to the job. Founded by Carlann Fergusson, Propel Forward offers expert consulting in change management, organizational development and strategic planning.

Reina Trust Building

Reina Trust Building® was co-founded by Drs. Dennis and Michelle Reina. As business leaders, in-demand speakers, consultants, workshop leaders and executive coaches – they formed Reina Trust Building to specialize in measuring, developing, and restoring workplace trust globally. The Reina’s have also co-authored two award-winning, best-selling books: Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace and Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace.

Reproducible Training Library

The Reproducible Training Library offers more than 90 half-day soft-skills training courses, over 300 hours of high-quality learning content. Each course includes instructor-led classroom and virtual instructor-led versions along with a self-study course for each title. The library covers a wide range of topics and soft skills solutions for any organization. The Reproducible Training Library is downloadable and customizable learning at its finest.

Right Chord Leadership

How does your organization stack up against the CHORDS Model™? When all are in alignment, leaders and teams will perform at the highest possible level. But if even one is “out of tune,” performance—and results—can suffer. From interpersonal communication and conflict management to employee engagement and emotional intelligence, Right Chord Leadership can help your people find their groove, get in sync, and work in harmony.

Russell Martin & Associates

Russell Martin & Associates has been empowering teams worldwide to learn and practice like never before. At RMA, we believe that training is often just part of the solution to business problems, and we incorporate a huge array of services and products to help your employees become more productive. We flex our services to your specific needs.

Ryan Consulting LLC

Our mission is to provide organizations the tools and techniques that develop high performing people in the work flow using learning and performance solutions strategically with the goal of improving engagement and driving retention targeting people, processes, and platforms that impact the business culture. We help leaders, teams, and organizations to define and develop their talent pipeline while improving the performance of their current workforce.

Ryan Gottfredson

Leadership training is a $366 billion global industry. Despite that, 75% of organizations say their leadership development programs are not very effective. A primary reason for the lack of development effectiveness is because they focus on horizontal development. Ryan Gottfredson helps organizations vertically develop their leaders so that they can more effectively navigate the change, pressure, uncertainty, and complexity that they have to navigate.

Sally Foley Lewis

With a leadership development career spanning more than 15 years, Sally Foley Lewis has held roles from operational to CEO. She’s worked with thousands of managers and leaders from organizations all over the world. She boosts self-leadership and leadership by helping people reach their potential by positively impacting their effectiveness and confidence. Sally is an award-winning professional speaker, facilitator and executive coach.

Strategies by Design

The Strategies By Design Group helps foster the culture of innovation needed to stay competitive in today’s modern, ever-changing market. Applying innovative techniques and approaches to achieve immediate engagement and growth, enhancing the connection between behavior design and human-centric design. Our approach focuses on helping your organization build innovation capability while meeting the diverse and changing needs of your customers.

Take Flight Learning

Take Flight Learning grew out of Team Builders Plus, which was established as one of the first team-building companies in the United States in 1991. After leading training programs for thousands of small and mid-sized companies, more than two-thirds of the Fortune 100s, non-profit organizations and government agencies, Take Flight Learning reinvented how individuals learn about themselves and the people they encounter.

Talent Grow

Founded in 2006 by Halelly Azulay, TalentGrow LLC is a consulting company focused on developing leaders and teams, especially for enterprises experiencing explosive growth or expansion that want a more proactive, strategic approach to leadership development.