Motivational Currency® The Coins of Influence and Inclusion

Motivational Currency® The Coins of Influence and Inclusion | Recorded Webinar

60 minutes

In this interactive session, Dr. Fazio will invite you to view motivation in a new way. He will focus on encouraging people to stop trying to motivate people and to pay attention to uncovering and understanding what drives people. This approach is where situational leadership meets motivation and awareness leads to intentional influence. Rob will provide an overview of the four core motivators: Performance, People, Power, and Purpose. By the end of the conversation, participants will be able to read motivators in themselves and others.

Rob will discuss profiles from the Motivational Currency Calculator (MCC). The MCC provides people with feedback on Recognition (what drives you), Reading (how to assess what drives others), and Leading (choosing the most effective response that increases the probability of the person remaining engaged and motivated). The presenter will focus on “smartcuts” and simple strategies related to top emotional intelligence, motivation, and influence. By the end of the webinar, you will know how to recognize what motivates you, read motivators in others and lead with intention. Rob is inspired by creating a community of people that appreciate the importance of diversifying their approach to engagement and motivation, especially in these uncertain times. He believes we can all do more to meet people where they are and create collective success.

Attendees will learn

  • To leverage an approach that is not one size fits all and plays to people’s strengths and drivers.
  • To appreciate a diverse range of motivators and appreciate what is important to others.
  • To break out of the motivation myths that hold you back.
  • To build their influence capital through learning a unique, time-tested approach to engaging and connecting with a diverse range of people and styles.
  • The language of motivation: Performance, Power, People, and Purpose.
  • To master the art of Recognizing, Reading, and Leading motivators in yourself and others.
  • To discover how to invite people to be motivated from the inside out.
  • How to build a Motivational Bank Account for themselves and others.

Who should attend

  • Leaders and managers
  • Training and HR professionals
  • Anyone interested in increasing motivation among their team



Rob Fazio

Dr. Rob Fazio is the Managing Partner at OnPoint Advising specializing in global leadership and organizational success. His approach to advising combines original research on power, influence, conversations, and motivation as well as over 20 years of consulting to elite performers.

During the Covid 19 crisis, Dr. Fazio has been advising hospitals and conducting presentations on Growth Leadership in Times of Crisis to support front line health professionals and executive leadership. Based on his experiences in sport psychology and executive development, he teaches clients how to remove barriers to function at optimal levels. He has worked with executive teams and coached executives throughout organizations including the C-Suite, surgeons, and emerging leaders. Dr. Fazio contributed to ForbesNBC NewsNY Daily NewsHER MagazineCEO MagazinePhiladelphia Business Journal, and American Management Association. His advice on navigating turbulent times and politics has been featured in the NY Times and on CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and local networks.

Recently, he developed the Motivational Currency® Calculator. This self-assessment reveals what drives people, how well someone can read another person’s motivators, and how effective someone is at using the best approach to tap into someone’s motivators. Dr. Fazio has served as a performance excellence consultant to a variety of organizations and athletic teams. He participated in the development and facilitation of the life-skills portion of the NFL’s Coaching Academy and the PGA’s 1st Tee programs.

Rob completed his B.A. in Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University, earned an M.Ed. in Athletic Counseling from Springfield College and an MS in Counseling Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Fazio earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, with a subspecialty in consulting, and completed his clinical rotation at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Fazio is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania. He lives just outside Philadelphia in Haddonfield NJ with his wife Keli and daughter Reese. Connect with Dr. Fazio on LinkedIn or at



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