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More Turbulent Change

Live on July 26, 2023 | 2-3p ET

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Organizations are changing at a phenomenal pace today. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and everything has ripple effects. These changes are caused by any number of events such as new management or leadership, acquisitions, economic recession or inflation, new regulations or laws, introduction of new technology, market shifts, world events, politics, pandemics, and endless other contributing factors. No sooner does one change end than another one begins. These changes come in a variety of forms and may be called by many different of names such as reorganizations, downsizing, rightsizing, realignments, streamlining, etc. Regardless of what change is called, the result always remains the same.

People’s careers and ultimately their lives are affected one way or another. Change doesn’t always have to mean that people will be upset by its introduction. Change can bring positive new ways of doing business that make life easier and better for everyone involved. But change can also cause people to experience great anxiety and frustration as what they are used to and comfortable is replaced by something very unfamiliar, even frightening.

In our information age today, the faster and faster pace of communications will create even more rapid changes than in the past. In recent years we have seen many new and innovative ways in which we receive and send information, making our world even more connected and virtual every day. The news of change spreads like wildfire with these new communications tools being constantly introduced. Today we can share information with others in just seconds rather than what once took days, weeks or longer. Personal computers, blue tooth devices, voice-mail systems, satellite dishes, electronic mail, messaging systems, the Internet, and Intranets as well as the huge popularity of social media today have completely changed the way we do business and communicate with one another. No matter how remote a location or part of the organization, they can be on-line and kept up to date on everything that is happening in real time. All of this is enabling the rate of change to accelerate every day.

Regardless of how you may be personally affected, there are ways in which you can learn to better cope with the changes which are occurring in the organization and even welcome change, not just survive it. This webinar will help attendees learn many of the skills they will need to continue to be successful in our world of constant and often turbulent change.

Attendees will learn

  • To better understand change and the impact it can have on their lives
  • How to lead change in their organizations
  • How employees feel about change and how to help them accept change in the future
  • The importance of effective communications during times of change in an organization
  • To recognize and even predict future change

Presented by

Peter Garber Bio Pic

Peter R. Garber

Peter is a retired Human Resource Professional with over 35 years of experience working for a Fortune 200 corporation. During his career, he held a variety of HR roles including assignments at manufacturing facilities across the country and later spent twenty years at the company’s corporate headquarters. He is the author of over 50 books and learning activities on HR and business-related topics. He has been frequently invited to present seminars and webinars including international conferences and colleges based on his works. Mr. Garber was also an adjunct instructor at the University of Pittsburgh Business School.

Mr. Garber has written two books on change, Turbulent Change, and a follow-up book More Turbulent Change, published by the Association for Talent Development (ATD). This presentation on change is one of his most popular programs.

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Training Tools for Developing Great People Skills

This event is sponsored by HRDQ. For 45 years HRDQ has provided research-based, off-the-shelf soft-skills training resources for classroom, virtual, and online training. From assessments and workshops to experiential hands-on games, HRDQ helps organizations improve performance, increase job satisfaction, and more.

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