Legacy Leadership® Virtual Institute (LLVI) Webinar

HRDQ-U Webinar | Legacy Leadership

60 minutes

There’s Most people think the term “legacy” is something you leave behind when you’re gone. But what if you were living your legacy now? What if your vision for the future was evident in everything you do, every day?

In the Legacy Leadership® Virtual Institute Webinar, you will be introduced the basic principles of the 5 Best Practices of Legacy Leadership®, which are the foundation of Legacy Leadership®. You then will see how Legacy Leadership® can be used to design and implement action plans to measure and grow Legacy Leadership® competencies in personal or organizational environments thus setting the optimal direction and environments for achieving outstanding business results.  You will see how to challenge/evaluate your own Legacy Leadership® current state and potential, and see how continued Legacy Leadership learning can provide a blueprint and tools to instill it in others.

Attendees will learn

  • Observe the components of Legacy Leadership® and how they can help achieve business results.
  • Overview the Legacy Leadership® (LL) tools that can bring out your best, and the best in others.
  • See how LL can inspire and empower leaders to live with possibility.
  • Observe how LL can be a life-changing learning adventure.
  • Show how other modes of leadership fit well within the model.
  • Scan the basics and principles of The 5 Best Practices.
  • Learn how students can design and implement effective action plans.
  • Note how LL can help produce Emotionally Intelligent Servant Leaders 

Who should attend

  • Managers and executives who want to reach for the extraordinary- those who want to be LEGACY Leaders®.
  • Internal executive coaches/OD and OB consultants who develop other leaders and would like to observe and practice a comprehensive leadership platform.
  • External consultants/coaches who are contracted by individuals and organizations to develop leaders and take them to new heights.
  • Natural / Intuitive leaders who desire to be intentional, purposeful and effective leaders.
  • HR professionals who are looking to find a leadership strategy/model to align organizational training.
  • Entrepreneurs who desire to find a one stop shop for leader development.
  • Small business owners who want a simple strategy to train and develop emotionally intelligent workers.
  • Decision-makers who want to see a big picture of a leadership strategy for optimal integration.
  • Retired or retiring leaders who have organizational experience and are now ready to mentor others and develop tomorrow’s leaders.


Legacy Leadership

Brenda Chaddock works globally as a facilitator, mentor, teacher and speaker, bringing to her work years and layers of education and experience in people development and living with vision. With a background in health care, adult education, leadership and family business transition, Brenda has worked privately, publicly, with government and corporate clients, both nationally and internationally, for the past 40 years. Currently through Limitless Leadership International, Brenda mentors and facilitates leadership development and practice. From a mindset that we have the opportunity to consciously be lifelong students of leadership, the journey is a pathway from study to success to significance. With a profound belief that ‘together we are stronger’ her focus with her clients is for them to ‘be all they aspire to be, as leaders, so that they can, collaboratively, do all they aspire to do. 

Legacy Leadership

Gary Patterson brings extensive organizational development experience after working in various organizations for over 25 years that included the United States Armed Forces, non-profit organizations and hospitals.  Gary’s approach to leadership is one of “passion and calling.”  He has a strong desire is to “Help Organizations successfully engage Great Futures with Compassionate Care for its People.”  His belief is, ”people matter and are the most important asset to any organization.”  He wants to see organizations move from “telling modes of leadership to asking ones” that enable workers at all levels to step into the realm of personal leadership who perform services from a “personal brand” of character.


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