Leadership Skills That Are Critical To Success

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60 minutes

The business pages of the world’s newspapers are filled with stories about managers and executives who suddenly self destruct because of their lack of leadership skills. Individuals who were once considered to be successful ultimately fail, either ending up in a dead-end career or let go by their once seemingly loyal organization. This phenomenon is called derailment. Just as a train falls off of its tracks, this breakdown is never intentional, and it almost always causes considerable damage.

The good news is that derailment can be predicted, and even prevented, when managers are given the right leadership skills resources.

This webinar is based on Leadership Unlimited Profile, the eye-opening assessment and workshop that helps managers and leaders at all levels quickly spot the early warning signs of leadership derailment, gain rapid insight to limit those behaviors, and learn how to take control of their development before it’s too late.

Attendees will learn

  • Five key behaviors that can severely limit effectiveness.
  • What leadership skills are critical to maintain and ensure success.
  • Ways to predict and pinpoint problems that can cause career derailment.
  • How to develop and align critical competencies.
  • To create an individual personal development plan. 

Who should attend

  • A training or HR professional who delivers training.
  • An independent training consultant.
  • A manager who delivers or purchases training as part of their role.


roger pearman pic

Roger Pearman is an award-winning subject matter expert on personality, leadership, and performance effectiveness. He is one of the authors of HRDQ’s highly-successful Leadership Unlimited Profile. Roger has served as a senior adjunct faculty and coach for the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a highly respected global provider of executive education. His collaborative relationship with the CCL enabled him to use their extensive database to aid his research and author several well-known books, including “Hardwired Leadership,” “I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You,” and “Leadership Advantage.” The founder of Leadership Performance Systems, Inc. and Qualifying.org, Inc., Mr. Pearman’s clients include the United Nations, Merck, Citigroup, SAP, and the Marriott Corporation.

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