From Creativity to Innovation | Recorded Seminar

From Creativity to Innovation | Recorded Seminar

Running Time | 2h 27m

Imagine this scenario: a panel of developers for a tech company meet to design a big product for the upcoming year. Although there are a dozen people in the room, the conversation is driven by eight top individuals, who are focused on updating software programs. Four others in the room have ideas about developing hardware instead, but think their ideas will not be well-received given the consensus. This is a culture whose innovation has become too focused in one area, determined by a minority of individuals.

Often, a lack of innovation is less due to having unimaginative individuals, and more to do with an organization not tapping into all of its employee’s potential. After studying innovation among 759 companies based in 17 major markets, researchers Gerard J. Tellis, Jaideep C. Prabhu and Rajesh K. Chandy found that corporate culture was a much more important driver of radical innovation than labor, capital, government or national culture. The study showed that only nine percent of the estimated 1.5 million for-profit companies examined were active product innovators!

This 3-hour instructor-led online seminar is designed to help organizations reshape their thinking on innovation, and teach you to understand different elements of creativity, how to build ideas in a group, how to let innovation flow without directives, and how to draw out creative ideas from new sources.

Key topics

  • Myths and misconceptions of innovations.
  • Understanding multiple intelligences including, word smart, body smart, picture smart, and music smart.
  • Characteristics of creative people.
  • The stages of the creative process: initiation, gestation, eureka, and application.

Participants will learn

  • Recognize common myths and misconceptions about innovation.
  • Use multiple intelligences to generate a variety of ideas.
  • Apply the characteristics of creative people to any problem or issue.
  • Follow a four-step process for team innovation.


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Juliann Wiese has over 30 years of corporate experience in a variety of capacities including; organization development, talent management, leadership and executive development.

She has worked across a wide variety of industries and sectors including health care, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and service industries, and call center environments. Juliann has provided coaching, training and consulting around the world in over a dozen countries.

In 2013, Juliann started her own consulting and executive coaching business and has worked with many different companies including; Cargill, Bloomberg, Blue Cross Blue Shield, RE/MAX LLC, TIAA-CREF, Discover Financial Services, Travel Leaders Corporate, Choice Hotels, Warner Pacific, Kroger, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and New York Life Insurance.

Juliann holds a BA in Adult Education from the University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) along with many training and facilitation certifications from various professional institutions. Her areas of expertise include: sales effectiveness and enablement, employee development, talent management, leadership development, executive development, and executive coaching.

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