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This webinars shows you how to refresh your approach to introductions and icebreakers, by exploring a range of engaging techniques.

What would happen to your organization if all of your people suddenly vanished?

We all know that Death by PowerPoint and click-through eLearning is just something you have to get through, just because the SMEs or regulators say that if it’s a PowerPoint or Storyline slide it has to include all the text.

Workplace resilience is being able to bounce back numerous times, often with a renewed sense of empowerment on the other end..
This session explores how to create compelling presentations for successful training in a virtual environment.
An Agile culture changes your organization by focusing on agility, customer-centricity, and efficiency. Unlock the power of an Agile mindset.
This session will explore proven strategies to enhance employee engagement and optimize the effectiveness of your teams' hybrid work.
This session explores how to design effective employee reward programs to increase recruiting and retention strength in your organization.
Discover the science behind creating a sense of purpose in the workplace to improve employee wellness and organizational productivity.
Join us as we conjure up some Disney inspired strategies and magic to control the haunted creatures in your classroom.
This HRDQ-U webinar, The 7 Greatest Mistakes Trainers Make (and How to Avoid Them), is part of our growing library of on-demand webinars. We hope you enjoy watching this content and leave us a comment!
This HRDQ-U recorded webinar focuses on engagement and communication. Enjoy watching the webinar and please give us your comments!
In this webinar, Ryan Gottfredson will explain what vertical development is and why you need it. Enjoy this HRDQ-U webinar content.


Employee engagement is a fundamental concept in the effort to understand the nature of the relationship between an organization and its employees. An “engaged employee” is defined as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work, and so takes positive action to further the organization’s reputation and interests. An engaged employee has a positive attitude towards the organization and its values. An organization with “high” employee engagement might therefore be expected to outperform the competition.

Ways To Encourage Employee Engagement

1. Onboarding and Training. If an employee doesn’t have a handle on their responsibilities, they won’t be engaged. Instead, they’ll be confused, frustrated, and rushed to catch up, which leads to disengagement. With a successful onboarding and training program, employees will learn how to effectively do their job. This is the time they can engage with you and ask questions, offer ideas, and voice concerns.

2. Set Goals and Promote Accountability. To engage employees, you need to involve them in understanding and reaching business goals. You should set annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly goals so employees have something to work toward. Employees want to know how they contribute and how their work affects your business as a whole. Targeting and achieving goals supports a high-level of employee engagement.

3. Acknowledge Your Employees. Employees can quickly become disengaged if they feel like they’re invisible. Your employee engagement management should emphasize acknowledging employees for their hard work, but to truly engage employees you should provide a sense of comfortability and camaraderie with your business. It’s important to develop a relationship of mutual respect and friendship between employer and employee.

4. Focus On Employee Development. Surveys have shown that most employees view personal development as important in their jobs. They want to develop their skills and continue challenging themselves. They don’t want to do monotonous tasks that require minimal effort. Engaged employees constantly use their mind and enhance their skills. Allowing room for growth in the position, or offering educational assistance shows employees that you value their career growth.

5. Avoid Micromanagement. If employees are told exactly what to do and how to do it, they won’t have the time or motivation to engage with the work. Employees can’t be engaged if they don’t have freedom in how to do their jobs. Micromanaging can lead to a decrease in productivity, lost morale and actively disengaged workers. Encourage employees to work on their own, come up with their own ideas, and bring those ideas to the table.

Our employee engagement webinars can help you reduce the risk of employee turnover, increase customer satisfaction and increase a company’s overall chances of success. Get all HRDQ-U learning content. Register for instant access to employee engagement webinar recordings!
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