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Career Development Webinars

In this webinar, you'll learn how to recognize the negative impact of comparison on your well-being and happiness. You'll discover how to set realistic goals that align with your values and aspirations and you'll walk away with a clear roadmap for living YOUR own life.
Discover in this ChatGPT blog how AI is reshaping the workplace with productivity, automation, and creativity. Click to learn more!
Impostor syndrome is an issue faced by many corporate professionals who are successful in their careers and have the expected things in life BUT their happiness, relationships & health are often sacrificed. This webinar will help you stop this unhelpful cycle and make some real strides forward.
Artificial Intelligence, AI in the workplace is transforming the world; its impact is only going to grow. Learn strategies to utilize AI.
Have you found yourself in a tense conversation that you later regret? Subconscious fears can sometimes spawn regrettable interactions. The good news is you can learn ways to uncover and control what triggers and dictates our hulk-like responses.
Ever feel like you’re faking it, or seem surprised that you have gotten as far in leadership as you have? These feelings are normal and once we understand what is behind them, we can begin to quiet that negative mind chatter.
This process helps ensure you keep your work relevant, your career on track, and measured using The Phillips ROI Methodology.
Learn how a focus on accomplishments can drive more effective and measurable strategies and tactics for improving performance.

When you’re ready to jettison the “Fit in and be accepted voice,” you only need one tool: the ability to drop into personal narrative.

When organizations are confronted with situations where they just aren’t achieving the level of buy-in that they were expecting or hoping for, it often helps to start your analysis by thinking back to Dr.

In this session we'll share insights that shape our professional stance and build high-functioning, empathic, and graceful teams.
In this session you'll learn practical tips about what causes leaders to fail or soar and how to help them succeed in a leadership role.
Leaders, employees, and work teams who want to achieve greater results, both personally and professionally, should not miss this webinar.

The vast majority of industry leaders have one thing in common: They are unwavering in guarding their personal challenges and struggles from stakeholders, peers, and subordinates.

Every employee thinks about their own career development as they go through their work life. As a trainer/manager, you have hands-on involvement in the way your employees’ career trajectory shapes up. To ensure employees perform to the best of their ability, you need to get the most out of what they have to offer.

Supporting Career Development

Project managers and human resources personnel in particular deal with career development frequently. They are the ones who are required to dive into the world of performance and career management for their employees. Helping reports to improve is one of the toughest aspects of being a manager and management in general. That’s where a powerful training program and career development webinars can be valuable.

Identify Career Anchors

There are a few different career areas called “anchors,” that people can focus on when looking at their own development. These areas can help people see what the best type of career path is for them, and what things are non-negotiable:
  • Technical/Functional Competence The ability to apply skills to technology in the workplace.
  • General Managerial Competence Managing and contributing to the organization’s success.
  • Autonomy/Independence The ability to define one’s own work and work independently.
  • Security/Stability Desiring steady employment and decreased uncertainty.
  • Entrepreneurial Creativity Creating an enterprise with innovative thinking and development.
  • Service/Dedication to a Cause The opportunity to pursue work that has meaning and value.
  • Pure Challenge A competitive role that allows solving complex problems.
  • Lifestyle The opportunity to balance work and home life.
These anchors are something that a person does not want to give up in their work life. They tend to evolve and strengthen with adult experience. If a job or career does not allow expression of the anchor, it will show up in hobbies or side jobs instead. It’s an important part of career development. Career Development Webinars will help you and your employees achieve high performance and success in building the career of your dreams! Get all HRDQ-U learning content. Register for instant access to career development webinar recordings.
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