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The EQ Factor: Building a Resilient Team | Recorded Webinar

The EQ Factor: Building a Resilient Team | HRDQ-U Webinar

60 minutes

The past two years have served as confirmation of the age-old adage: “Change is the only constant.” Amidst increasing ambiguity, shifting priorities, and overwhelming demands, industries have borne witness to the fact that a workforce that lacks resilience ceases to operate effectively, if they manage to operate at all. Resilient teams can respond to uncertainty while maximizing performance and preserving stability. And it has a lot to do with EQ. Emotional quotient, or emotional intelligence, is the ability to identify one’s own emotions and those of others to manage and encourage effective responses.  

There is a strong link between high EQ and resiliency; we know this from evidence in psychology, human development, and neuroscience. Borrowing from these fields of study, we’ll look at what EQ looks like at the personal, team, and organizational levels; learn techniques to apply at each level to promote resiliency; and equip leaders with tools to successfully act as a conduit to advancing EQ and building adaptable, competent, and confident teams.

Attendees will learn

  • The role leaders play in building EQ.
  • How to increase self-awareness to manage uncertainty more effectively.
  • How to develop and use an EQ framework to identify gaps in staff, leadership, and at the organizational level.
  • How to utilize key strategies to integrate EQ and resilience in teams.
  • How to mitigate reaction and promote response.
Who should attend
  • HR and training professionals
  • Supervisors and mangers
  • Anyone interested in emotional intelligence




Alana Ramey, MPA, is an educator, collaborator, and facilitator with a passion for effecting productive change in people and organizations. Her background in the public and social sectors provides her a unique vantage point to the core of organizational effectiveness: the complex art of working with people.  With an approach emphasizing 360° collaboration; innovative problem-solving; and engaging planning, implementation, and facilitation skills, she thrives on delivering outcomes to meet the emergent and changing needs of individuals, teams, and organizations of all sizes.  Her career exemplifies a desire to partner at every level and across a range of differences to maximize sustainable growth and accomplish a unified goal.

Connect with Alana at and on social media @ThinkTheoryCo



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