Emotional Intelligence, Hardiness and Dealing With the COVID-19 Crisis: What Can You Do?

Emotional intelligence - Intelligence

60 minutes

Is coping with social distancing and work-from-home a challenge for you? Are you struggling to adapt to the new “normal”? We are facing extraordinary changes in our day to day lives, but how we respond to and deal with these changes will determine our ability to succeed. Dr. Steven Stein, psychologist, founder, and Executive Chairman of MHS, will introduce you to some strategies and tactics for dealing with the psychological aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using what we have learned about emotional intelligence, mindset, and hardiness, along with specific tactics for managing our current situation, you’ll learn why these frameworks are essential when navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

Attendees will learn

  • The value of emotional intelligence during a crisis and the impact of COVID-19 on these skills.
  • To leverage a growth mindset to strengthen the 3 C’s of hardiness (Commitment, Control, Challenge).
  • To develop actionable strategies for coping and thriving through new challenges.

Who should attend

  • HR personnel
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Anyone interested in emotional intelligence


Dr Steven Stein

Dr. Steven Stein has been a key consultant in a multitude of military and government agencies within Canada and the United States. Corporate organizations such as American Express©, Air Canada©, professional sporting teams and many more have also recruited Dr. Stein’s expertise. He has provided psychological services and candidate screening in numerous reality TV shows including Big Brother Canada©, Amazing Race Canada©, and more. Dr. Stein has also been heard on, seen on, and read on over 100 TV and radio shows, newspapers, and magazines throughout North America.

Beyond his professional career, Dr. Stein has been a driving force in bettering his community. He is the immediate past President of Jewish Family and Child Toronto  http://www.jfandcs.com/, a charitable foundation that supports the healthy development of individuals, children and communities through prevention, protection and counselling education. Dr. Stein has been a board member, chairperson, and professor of numerous universities, organizations, and psychological associations.

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