Creating Change Management Capability: Experience Success

HRDQ-U Webinar | Creating Change Management Capability

60 minutes

Did you know that only 30% of change efforts actually achieve their business goals and targets? If your organization is like most, the challenge begins when employees are asked to do something different. And when change processes and tools aren’t integrated into the overall project management framework, it’s a recipe for failure. That’s why it’s critical for organizations to take necessary steps to help employees take to change as a duck takes to water.

Creating Change Management Capability is different. Unlike most change management presentations that focus on the failure rates of change management efforts, this webinar is centered on action. Subject matter expert and thought leader Mark Hordes will present the critical success factors and “must-do steps” that will enable your change-management initiatives to reach success and sustain the test of time. Register today for an hour of learning that will transform the way you and your organization approach change—and experience success.

Attendees will learn

  • Create a powerful business case for change.
  • Identify change readiness issues.
  • Measure behavior and change.
  • Turn resistance into positive action.
  • Develop a highly interactive communications plan.
  • Create change sustainability.
  • Train sponsors to be champions of change.

Who should attend

  • Trainers
  • Organization development professionals
  • Human resources managers
  • Performance improvement directors
  • Senior managers responsible for large-scale change
  • Organizational champions
  • Consultants
  • Management team members


mark hordes

Mark Hordes is the Vice President, Organizational Performance Improvement & Change Management Lead for the Americas with Molten-Group. He is the co-author of S-Business: Reinventing the Services Organization. Mark won the Houston Business Journal’s 2014 Award, “Who’s Who in Energy”. He is an alumnus of the American Graduate School of International Management, “Thunderbird.” He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Houston as well as an MBA and MS in Organizational Behavior from Aurora University.

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