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Today, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi and HRDQ-U hosted a free webinar entitled, How Global Leaders Think: Development Strategies from New Research. Herrmann-Nehdi is CEO of Herrmann International, the originators and trailblazers of Whole Brain® Thinking and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®). She is the co-author of The Whole Brain Business Book–Second Edition which was just released.

Several hundred people registered to listen to the webinar live. If you want to watch and learn, you may do so here.

In a complex world, being a leader is about more than just what you think; it’s about how you think. A new comprehensive study into the thinking preferences and work elements of CEOs working across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North and South America reveals a number of trends about the mental work activities of global leaders that you can use to inform your own development strategies.

We began with the question, “How do we develop leaders?”

There are three ways: Thinking Agility, Cognitive Agility and Innovation Thinking.

Next, there was an interactive poll.  The question was, “For you, what is the “ideal” leadership style?”

Nearly all the participants replied and their responses are listed below.

  1. Receptive, Enthusiastic, Expressive, Empathetic, Passionate (41%)
  1. Organized, Disciplined, Practical, Industrious, Persistent (11%)
  1. Analytical, Realistic, Intellectual, Objective, Knowledgeable (11%)
  1. Holistic, Imaginative, Synthesizer, Curious, Flexible, Open (38%)

Author Carol S. Dweck said, “Even if you can learn new things,you cannot change how intelligent you are.” She also said, “No matter how intelligent you are, you can always improve-for some, to a large extent.”

They key to understanding global leaders is to remember that everyone processes information differently and that the brain craves patterns and will search endlessly to find them.

Next, we talked about Whole Brain Leadership and the Four Selves. Then we dug deeper and learned what our leadership styles were. For more on both of those topics, click here.

This interactive webinar took the participants inside the data, collected for the newly updated Whole Brain Business Book, and showed them how to apply the findings to build their leaders’ thinking agility to meet new business realities. Participants received a clear understanding of the common thinking and work preferences of global leaders, as well as an action plan for aligning their development strategies with the mental demands required to lead in a world of globalization, complexity and change.

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