Best Team Ever!

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We are able to diagnose your team and then rapidly take them on the journey from where they are to a relationship centered high performing team. Everyone wants to work on their BEST TEAM EVER and few have ever had that opportunity.  We help you build your BEST TEAM EVER! We have a rapid process that can take your team from where it is today to greatness in a very short period of time.

All teams go through 4 stages of development. From forming to storming, then norming to performing, we help teams move quickly through all of the stages without getting stuck in any of them.

team stages

And you must admit, too many teams do get stuck in storming.  You know your team is stuck in storming when the team is having difficulty getting along, people are having side conversations about others, decisions are being delayed, problem solving becomes a constant debate and nothing seems to be moving forward.

We assess the environment, the team and relationships then work with you to pinpoint the areas where everyone can come together quickly.  This happens because we make the team and behavior as important as performance.

We start with a team allowing everyone to have a voice as they identify the areas of strength and concern.

From there we combine a series of appreciative and experiential activities to facilitate the identification of key behaviors that will make the team great.

The team Co-creates their Team Agreement

team agreement

From Forming to Performing …Our Team services include:

  • Team Assessments
  • Appreciative & Experiential Team Building
  • Establishing Team Agreements
  • Self Managing Teams
  • Team Retreats
  • Unique Team Experiences
  • Organizational design consulting

We help everyone move up the Relationship Chain from Share of Opportunity to Share of Mind and ultimately to Share of Heart


This article was written originally posted here. It was reprinted with permission from the author.

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A true veteran in learning and leadership development, Ed Cohen’s career spans more than 35 years and crosses 40-plus countries. Ed is an executive coach and leadership consultant with Nelson Cohen Global Consulting. Ed is the author of Leadership without Borders: Successful Strategies from World Class Leaders (John Wiley & Sons, 2007), co-author of Riding the Tiger: Leading through Learning in Turbulent Times (ASTD Press, May 2010), and has contributed to several books including the ASTD Leadership Handbook.

Ed led leadership development programs for many companies across Asia. As senior vice president of talent management for Satyam Computer Services (now call Tech Mahindra), they became the first and only company outside the U.S. to attain the top rank with ASTD.

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