HRDQ-U Webinar | 7 Ways to Increase Your Credibility

7 Ways to Increase Your Credibility and Visibility as a Training and Performance Consultant

Presented by Bob Pike & Trish Uhl 11-11-2021 This webinar focuses on seven ways for the training professional to demonstrate their credibility to overcome skeptical employers and audiences. (60min)

Webinar Overview

Credibility is critical as a consultant- but it is given, not claimed. So how much credibility do you have? Are you younger than most of your competition? Credibility overcomes that. Are you older (and perhaps viewed as too old?) Credibility overcomes that.

Join us for one-hour of free learning for this fast-paced session with Bob Pike and Trish Uhl, as they show you the 7 best ways to build credibility today!

Attendees Will Learn

  • Writing- but not just writing- what to write- and where it should appear.
  • Joining- but what organizations and for what purpose?
  • Serving- who, how, and most importantly- why
  • Presenting- where, what, how, and why
  • Endorsing- who, where, and why?
  • Social Media- what, why, who, and how- and how to avoid getting consumed
  • Testimonials and Recommendations- who, how, and where they should show up
  • Training handout development

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and leaders
  • Human resources professionals
  • Trainers and consultants
  • Organizational development professionals


bob pike image

Bob Pike, CPLP Fellow, CSP, CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, is known globally as the “trainer’s trainer.” He has written more than 30 books and created a dozen video systems on designing and delivering training. His Master Trainer’s Handbook is the bestselling train-the-trainer book ever published, with more than 333,000 copies in print in four editions. He has designed more than 600 training programs of one day or longer since 1969. He has presented at every ATD International Conference & Exposition since 1977, and is a regular keynoter at global training and performance conferences. He has worked in more than 25 countries during his career and his works have been translated into Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.

Trish Uhl Pic

Trish Uhl, is a globally recognized expert providing performance training and coaching to customer-focused, results-driven, achievement-oriented L&D professionals. She is the author of “Mastering the CPLP: How to Successfully Prepare for – and PASS! – the CPLP Knowledge Exam” and a contributing author to multiple business books on the topics of technology and teams.


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